China special committee EPS foam Machinery Industry Annual Report

2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year, the foam industry trend for machinery manufacturers have different angles of anticipation, in order to better understand the situation broaden everyone’s ideas, presses companies Development of China made the following foam machinery industry report.

The report data sources and methods:

1, Within the relevant industry experts, manufacturers, distributors, business (sales) staff and clients were interviewed to obtain the latest information on the primary market;

2, Thousands of hearing foam machinery industry research collection of long-term monitoring data;

3, Data and information industry association, the National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, the National Development and Reform Commission, Business Administration and other government departments and official institutions;
4,Foam machinery industry public information;
5, Foam machinery industry enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises of quarterly and annual reports and other publicly available information;
6, Various types of literature in the English periodical databases, libraries, research institutes, institutions of higher learning;
7, Senior industry experts published opinions;
8, Important indicators of business continuity data comparison, reflect industry trends;
9, Through expert advice, panel discussions, desk studies and other methods of core data and viewpoints repeated demonstration;

Specific information on the study can contact the Chinese foam machinery, hoping to Xinji mechanical foam manufacturers do a good development of the industry reference.

EPS external wall insulation tips

EPS external wall insulation is an accepted way of adding thermal value to the outer face of most external walls of buildings.
Its versatility enables it is to be used with a variety of finishes including plastic weatherboarding, cladding, tile hanging and reinforced-render systems.
EPS external wall insulation when used on the external face of masonry wall maximizes the natural thermal capacity of the wall and assists in the reduction of thermal fluctuations.
Given that heating and air- conditioning interior rooms consume vast amounts energy and accounts for approximately 80% of total energy consumption with 30% being lost through un-insulated walls, external wall insulation offers a highly cost effective way of reducing this loss.
Exterior insulating and finishing systems
For 30 years, the stucco- like appearance of exterior insulating and finish system (EIFS) (fig 6-23) has given commercial buildings high curb appeal, broad design and color flexibility, low maintenance and durability, and high energy efficiency. In more recent years, the residential marketplace has begun enjoying the benefits of EIFT, as well. But inn some residential applications, there had been a problem.
Moisture that had passed through windows and door openings was trapped behind the EIFS exterior; in some cases the moisture caused rotting o the wall studs and sheathing. The problem was summarized in the New York Times article, “some users of artificial stucco find headaches are real”, ; “the trouble is that EIFS are too waterproof. Water that gets trapped behind the EIFS exterior has nowhere to go and begins soaking into studs or plywood sheathing.”
For this reason many EIFS manufactures have innovated moisture – mitigation systems that effectively prevent moisture buildup on the rare occasions that makes its way behind the EIFS exterior. .

EPS recycling machines infos

With the great development of industrialized society, the industrial process is faster and faster, more and more industrial sectors also developed, but the great development of the industrial sector is closely associated with EPS recycling machine industry and crusher industry in fact. But EPS recycling machine also need to face a lot of problems in future development, EPS recycling machine occupies a very important position in Chinese industrial production.

At present, China EPS recycling machine industry has slowly gone out of the extensive development mode that relying on cheap labor and expense of the environment, and gradually turned to technology-based development model. Each EPS recycling machine manufacturer especially INTCO GREENMAX also have new ideas for the development of recycling machines, and take technology-based, sustainable development path to high-tech as the guide, to protect the environment.

In the use process of EPS recycling machine, the operator must have a certain knowledge of technology, the customs personnel must conduct technical training, so that they can understand the principles and performance of EPS recycling machines, is familiar with the operation procedures. For the EPS recycling machine working properly, the workers should develop equipment “safe operation maintenance system” that can ensure the long-term safe operation of EPS recycling machine, and have the necessary repair tools and grease fittings.

After a period of use, EPS recycling machine should be carried maintenance, while roller grinding ring blades should be repaired and replaced. Wearing parts such as milling stations and the connecting bolt nut plug should be carefully examined whether there is loosening, lubricating whether to add a little grease. When use time of the roller device is more than 500 hours, the worker should replace the roller, each rolling bearing kit must be cleaned, damaged parts should be replaced, refueling tool can be used manually.

The development trend of EPS

In recent years, EPS recycling machines and other equipment developed rapidly, plastic machinery industry also developed. With foam recycling machine technology continues to make a progress, the fineness of the material achieved smaller and smaller, has more and more applications.

With the enhancement of people’s health awareness at the same time, the market shockproof construction materials and supplies also put forward higher requirements: EPS, EPE, PSP, XPS, PSP / food tray and cups of various waste. These plastics, is easily to cause secondary pollution, the reprocessing and recycling processes are inseparable from foam recycling machine.

As the quality of plastic foam is lightweight, the size is very big and other defects, waste foam gradually become great resistance development of the industry, in this case, high-performance, low-pollution EPS recycling machine has become an urgent demand for waste plastics industry.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, styrofoam recycling machine is not only focused on productivity or fineness, pay more attention to the issue of environmental cleanliness, in addition to excellent quality. GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine has the high technology, the most attention is the service and environmental protection.

Huasheng EPS foam machine has a good performance, but the operator has a good technical knowledge and be familiar with operating procedures