The development trend of EPS

In recent years, EPS recycling machines and other equipment developed rapidly, plastic machinery industry also developed. With foam recycling machine technology continues to make a progress, the fineness of the material achieved smaller and smaller, has more and more applications.

With the enhancement of people’s health awareness at the same time, the market shockproof construction materials and supplies also put forward higher requirements: EPS, EPE, PSP, XPS, PSP / food tray and cups of various waste. These plastics, is easily to cause secondary pollution, the reprocessing and recycling processes are inseparable from foam recycling machine.

As the quality of plastic foam is lightweight, the size is very big and other defects, waste foam gradually become great resistance development of the industry, in this case, high-performance, low-pollution EPS recycling machine has become an urgent demand for waste plastics industry.

With the strengthening of environmental awareness, styrofoam recycling machine is not only focused on productivity or fineness, pay more attention to the issue of environmental cleanliness, in addition to excellent quality. GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine has the high technology, the most attention is the service and environmental protection.

Huasheng EPS foam machine has a good performance, but the operator has a good technical knowledge and be familiar with operating procedures

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