EPS molding equipment

EPS molding equipment: sheet metal forming machine, vacuum sheet forming machines, vacuum thick sheet metal forming machine,EPS Batch pre-expander machine.
EPS manufacturing process: Generally speaking we always refer molding process, in fact, in terms of EPS molding process also involves raw materials, advance mechanism, pipeline technology and system matching, ultimately reflected in the molding process.

1. raw materials:
1) fast material and standard material process control
Fast material: molecular weight, volatile low, mainly used for automatic machines. Which itself contains less foaming agent, curing time is short. Advantages are: the heating time is short, short cooling, short cycle times, save energy, improve production efficiency.
Under normal circumstances, since less foaming agent, must be heated in the shortest possible time, make full use of a small amount of foam blowing agent grain bonding, the heating time is short, save time. High pressure, short time heating.
Can save energy, improve efficiency, high temperature mold release, less mold temperature between the temperature difference between warm and release, we are able to save steam. Molding temperature of 115-130 deg.] C, 90 deg.] C through the cooling water, are evacuated, the surface of the product to reduce the expansion to a certain value, to 85 ℃, before stripping.
Standard material: a small molecular weight, volatile high soil machine is mainly used, from the viewpoint of energy control, automatic machine for less.
Quick material type: BASF CP303, the Dragon King B-SB, Xingda 303, Chengda PK303 and so on.
Common materials: its molecular weight, volatile high. Production prone to swell phenomenon. It should adopt the low-pressure long time heating.
2) ordinary material type: BASF CP203, the Dragon King E-SB, Xingda 302, Chengda PK302 and so on.

Ordinary material control technology: because of its large molecular weight, volatile high. Production prone to swell phenomenon. It should adopt the low-pressure long time heating.


EPS Automatic shape molding machine with vacuum

EPS Automatic shape molding machine with vacuum

1 :The main frame of the machine is welded from square tube, with firm structure, high strength, no deformation and can be freely and easily dismantled and assembled;
2 :Cut by hot wire with smooth and level cut mark;
3 : Motor speed controlled by frequency converter can be swifted between 0-4m/min, with features of convenient adjusting,stable operation,low noise and accurate cutting size;
4 : Electrical control box and transmission device are installed on cutting shelf to move along with the machine, which is convenient operation;
5 : This EPS block cutting machine adopts horizontal, vertical and edge surface cutting wires to realize block 3D cutting; Equipped with its own moving device, the edge surface cutting wire could be run together with the horizontal and vertical cutting wires at the same time,and using clutch to make the moving device quick return;
6 :Equipped with 10KVA transformer of multiple tapping,large capacity and wide voltage adjusting range,the EPS block cutting machine can run 30 hot wires at the same time;
7 :Automatic control system on the edge surface cutting is optional.

EPS crusher

The company constantly improve, continuous improvement, we have launched a pre-source automatic foaming machine, automatic sheet metal forming machine, cutting machine EPS crusher and other products. Variety complete specifications, for many years the company actively absorb the world’s advanced technology, constant pursuit of quality progress and technological innovation, improve product structure, technology and manufacturing level, while the company always put the after-sales service as a corporate long-term sustainable basis lifeline in services based on years of practice has formed a set of standardized, scientific management and operation of the service program.


EPS Batch pre-expander machine

Features of Full Automatic EPS Batch Pre-Expander:

After the first phase of pre-expansion of the EPS raw material, the second and third phases of pre-expansions are optional. If annual production capacity is less than 2000 tons, then only one unit of the EPS-ABE1600 is needed, which is capable of pre-expanding heavy and light raw materials simultaneously; and as such can meet production requirements, improve production efficiency and reduce production space and energy;
The electrical system has the PLC controller (Programmable Logic Controller) which is easy to use and operation is stable;
The machine uses the Fully Automatic Spiral Feeder and Negative Pressure Feeder to do the feeding, and also uses the Photoelectric Control System and Weight Simulation Module to ensure precise weighing;
The Steam System has the Steam-Reducing Valve which strictly controls the steam pressure inside the foaming tank;

When the density of the pre-expanded beads exceeds 20kg/m3, this machine uses valve to precisely control the temperature tolerance inside the foaming tank to within ±2℃, ensuring uniformity during foaming.

Drawing of EPS Batch Pre-Expander:


Program action EPS Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine

Start heating a cooling system touch screen to enter the work state. Start vacuum pump at the inlet valve opens and subjected to water seal ring, set the value of the negative pressure in the vacuum tank, and monitor other means of hands to see; and the value of the set pressure parameter value is correct, when the upper and lower vacuum tank reaches the set value, You can turn the operation flow chart.

New development trend of foam machinery

In view of the problems after the previous article of foam machinery industry, we believe that the content of the article is good, it should be everyone’s urgent request, we continue to release new foam machinery development trends to make to meet the demands of everyone.
Foam machinery industry after years of development technology is relatively mature, and now in addition to the mainframe, the general specifications of the mechanical foam have oversupply, the market demand is basically saturated, to open the market, we must develop a new type of high-tech, more conducive production of foam machinery, embodied in:
The first point is the development of all-electric, hydraulic mechanical precision class foam. These products are the main market of electronic communications, audio and video, home appliances, automobiles and other processing conditions require high precision injection molding machine requirements also increased, these industries are the sunrise industry, there is much room for growth.
The second point is the development of hollow foam injection molding machinery. This is due to stress damage plastic parts vibration problem in the state is the big problem of the whole automobile plastics and other engineering applications on a variety of rubber materials and combined application plus hollow injection technology, which can effectively improve the above defects.
The third point is the development of new foam air auxiliary machinery, auxiliary devices with the water. Such technology has great market recently, especially for the appearance of higher, long life products, such as more attractive appliances, automotive, construction and the like.
Only by constantly improving product technology bubble machine, in order to comply with this increasingly competitive accumulation of social, customers receive the recognition, to occupy a favorable position in the market.
In summary, read Benpian foam mechanical development of new trend after the precipitation of our knowledge played a big help, help guide our practice, so that broad perspective, efficiency.

EPS Production Line/EPS Foam Machinery

Quick Details

Processing Type: Foaming Machine Condition: New Product Type: EPS Heating Room
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name: Epsole Model Number: Heating Room
Voltage: 380V Power(W): 150KW Dimension(L*W*H): Customized
Weight: Customized Certification: CE, ISO Warranty: 12 months
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas Usage: For EPS Foam Machinery

Eps making machine

Eps making machine
1).What is the features of our Eps making machine?
1.automatic product,High thermal efficiency,Low moisture content.
2.Little noise,Clamping force,High strength.
3.High production efficiency ,High efficiency heat conduction.
4.High tensile strength,Long service life,high Penetrating power.
5.Good adhesion,Use less gas,Rapid prototyping.

2).What is description of our Eps making machine?
A. EPS pre-expander make eps raw material (expanded polystyrene) become big and light foam beads through steam heating. With PLC English touch screen to realize full automatic production for feeding, heating to eject foam beads.
1. It uses a company PLC, imported touch screen, full English display, intelligent graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue.
2. It can carry out full automatic, semi-automatic, middle startup and manual operation.
3. Hydraulic system is stable run, low noise, high clamping force.
4. Vacuum system accelerates product shaping speed, shorts the cooling time, reduce product water content.
5. Optimized design is clear and easy with high intensity and high performance-price rate.
6. This machine can carry out heating, cooling, feeding and ingot stripping process to adapt to different EPS products.
7. Perfect malfunction checkout system and motor protecting system which guarantees safe running of equipment.


Vacuum System EPS Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine

Vacuum system consists of vacuum tank, vacuum valves, condensers, vacuum gauge, control valve, vacuum pipes and water ring vacuum pump and the like.

Vacuum system is divided into two cans, the cans are vacuum energy storage tank, the tank is under vacuum condenser, one or two sets of water ring vacuum pump. Control system used to start unloading, at the upper and lower tanks were set up electronic thermometers and electrical contacts vacuum table, electrical contacts vacuum table for two cans of monitoring the degree of vacuum when the vacuum reaches the set value of the suction table The system open unloading valve unloading operation, the electronic thermometer to monitor the temperature of two cans, spray cooling can be started timely, complete vacuum cooling.

Vacuum system, heating and said Automatic Block Molding Machine is different, after the addition, prior to pre-heating vacuum, the cavity is evacuated to a preset negative value, and then heated. By vacuum molding, vacuum cooling, making the EPS plate products with low water content, good adhesion, improve sheet quality.