Vacuum System EPS Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine

Vacuum system consists of vacuum tank, vacuum valves, condensers, vacuum gauge, control valve, vacuum pipes and water ring vacuum pump and the like.

Vacuum system is divided into two cans, the cans are vacuum energy storage tank, the tank is under vacuum condenser, one or two sets of water ring vacuum pump. Control system used to start unloading, at the upper and lower tanks were set up electronic thermometers and electrical contacts vacuum table, electrical contacts vacuum table for two cans of monitoring the degree of vacuum when the vacuum reaches the set value of the suction table The system open unloading valve unloading operation, the electronic thermometer to monitor the temperature of two cans, spray cooling can be started timely, complete vacuum cooling.

Vacuum system, heating and said Automatic Block Molding Machine is different, after the addition, prior to pre-heating vacuum, the cavity is evacuated to a preset negative value, and then heated. By vacuum molding, vacuum cooling, making the EPS plate products with low water content, good adhesion, improve sheet quality.

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