Eps making machine

Eps making machine
1).What is the features of our Eps making machine?
1.automatic product,High thermal efficiency,Low moisture content.
2.Little noise,Clamping force,High strength.
3.High production efficiency ,High efficiency heat conduction.
4.High tensile strength,Long service life,high Penetrating power.
5.Good adhesion,Use less gas,Rapid prototyping.

2).What is description of our Eps making machine?
A. EPS pre-expander make eps raw material (expanded polystyrene) become big and light foam beads through steam heating. With PLC English touch screen to realize full automatic production for feeding, heating to eject foam beads.
1. It uses a company PLC, imported touch screen, full English display, intelligent graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue.
2. It can carry out full automatic, semi-automatic, middle startup and manual operation.
3. Hydraulic system is stable run, low noise, high clamping force.
4. Vacuum system accelerates product shaping speed, shorts the cooling time, reduce product water content.
5. Optimized design is clear and easy with high intensity and high performance-price rate.
6. This machine can carry out heating, cooling, feeding and ingot stripping process to adapt to different EPS products.
7. Perfect malfunction checkout system and motor protecting system which guarantees safe running of equipment.


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