New development trend of foam machinery

In view of the problems after the previous article of foam machinery industry, we believe that the content of the article is good, it should be everyone’s urgent request, we continue to release new foam machinery development trends to make to meet the demands of everyone.
Foam machinery industry after years of development technology is relatively mature, and now in addition to the mainframe, the general specifications of the mechanical foam have oversupply, the market demand is basically saturated, to open the market, we must develop a new type of high-tech, more conducive production of foam machinery, embodied in:
The first point is the development of all-electric, hydraulic mechanical precision class foam. These products are the main market of electronic communications, audio and video, home appliances, automobiles and other processing conditions require high precision injection molding machine requirements also increased, these industries are the sunrise industry, there is much room for growth.
The second point is the development of hollow foam injection molding machinery. This is due to stress damage plastic parts vibration problem in the state is the big problem of the whole automobile plastics and other engineering applications on a variety of rubber materials and combined application plus hollow injection technology, which can effectively improve the above defects.
The third point is the development of new foam air auxiliary machinery, auxiliary devices with the water. Such technology has great market recently, especially for the appearance of higher, long life products, such as more attractive appliances, automotive, construction and the like.
Only by constantly improving product technology bubble machine, in order to comply with this increasingly competitive accumulation of social, customers receive the recognition, to occupy a favorable position in the market.
In summary, read Benpian foam mechanical development of new trend after the precipitation of our knowledge played a big help, help guide our practice, so that broad perspective, efficiency.

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