EPS Auto block cutting machine

EPS Auto block cutting machine, can achieve the level of cutting, vertical cutting and cross cutting for cutting large pieces of the board into the customer the required size, the cut sheet further applied to the external wall insulation, color steel sandwich panels (activities board room) 3D boards and other fields.

Function Description:

The frame is welded by square pipe, and the structure is compact.
Electric wire cutting, cut smooth smoothing;
Using inverter control motor speed, easy adjustment, smooth operation, less noise, products, accurate size;
Electrical control box mounted on the cutting frame, with the machine movement, easy to operate;
Vertical and horizontal cutting can be carried out at the same time, vertical cutting the required length;


Foam machinery is also called EPS equipment

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Foam machinery is also called EPS equipment. Including five sets of systems, as well as auxiliary equipment. Therefore, he is not a single existence. As the nature of industrial products, the most basic feature is the light and stable. While able to withstand a certain intensity, suitable for low-skilled use, usually for their use of thermal insulation.
Due to the simplicity of use, the current in the domestic region. Many people spontaneously buy up, use their own. This can not only be used for farmer insulation construction, but also can play the effect of cost savings. At present, our company has received 300 related orders, is also continuing to increase. Please contact us immediately for information.

EPS De-Duster

It is the necessary and perfect solution for waste EPS recycling. The crusher consists of shredders and polishers. The cmbered shredders crush the EPS to symmetricl beads in low speed. And then the polisher mill the beads to round EPS; The de-duster could seprte the bug dust and powder. The ratio of mixer is changeable from 0-100% to insure the uniform mix. Normally it works together with crusher and Mixer.

EPS Machine -Block Cutting Machine

Three-dimensional EPS Block cutting machineĀ 

The main body of the cutting machine is welded and fitted together by thick wall deformed square tube. With proper structure, the cutting machine can be dismantled and assembled freely.

It has realized the three-dimensional cutting: Horizontal, vertical and ends cutting. The ends cutting wire is fixed with cutting vehicle individually and works together with horizontal and vertical cutting. The mechanically-controlled clutch is adopted, which enables a quick return of cutting frame.

The power is supplied by the large-capacity and multiple contacts transformer. Fifty Electrically Heated Wires can be used at the same time. As a result, the machine can be adjusted in a more extensive scope and the heat can be easily regulated.

EPS Semi-auto Shape Molding machine with hydraulic station

1. This machine adopts vertical layout, motion hydraulic transmission, smooth machine motion speed mold clamping force, so that the normal work is not discouraged when, save time.
2. The use of advanced computer touch screen Taiwan, and South Korea’s programmable logic controller, a high degree of automation, easy to use.
3. The ratio of a moving semi-automatic screw machine to save a half, greatly improving the quality of the finished product, can be called is a vertical automatic molding machine.

Semi-automatic eps block molding machine

Semi-automatic eps block molding machine

1. Welded by high quality profile steel with age heating treatment to ensure the machine high strength & without deformation. It can endure the expansive force of high density products.

2. Adopted special aluminum alloy in machine cavity ,high thermal conductivity, good extension and long lifetime .

3. The machine is integrated with high pressure suction system for cooling with strong penetrability,favorable adhesivity and low consumption of steam.

4. Advanced EPS thermoforming technology and the structure of single door. products automatically come out.