EPS Pre-expander machine

Prominent features of eps pre-expander machine:
1.The machine applies PLC and touch screen, automatic feeding, electronic weighting, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic production & save human cost with high efficiency.
2.Electronic weighing system and material level control system assure the density of the foamed material, which make the granule uniformity and keep the density tolerance within±2.5%;
3.The closed type constant pressure foaming barrel has high heating efficiency,can save steam power;
4.The machine is equipped with fluidized drying bed, it can dry, crush and filter the foamed materials automatically;
5.Most components used in the machine are world famous brand with its reliable performance,
stable quality, long service life and low maintenance cost advantages;
6.The computer has memory function, which can record all information such as brands, specifications, expanding foam techniques and parameters of EPS material manufacturers.
Prominent features of eps pre expander: 1.The machine applies PLC and touch screen, automatic feeding, electronic weighting, temperature control, material level control to realize automatic product…

EPS recycling machines

Product summary of EPS recycling machines

Series EPS is of high technical green product with CPU controlled, digital circuit and high integrated level electronic element, which adopts module inverter produced by international famous manufactory, and the newest fifth IGBT and invert technique. This product provieds the second or third power for the direct load and especially important load facility and fire protection equipment or light.

EPS pre-hair machine work process

 Eps pre-hair machine work process

Widely used in a variety of precision instruments, a variety of light industrial products, packaging pads, most of them adopt eps molded foam system, it can be made directly with the packaging of the corresponding shape, with a reliable shock, heat, And other characteristics. Eps plastic packaging pad molding process can be carried out on the hydraulic machine, forming the hydraulic cylinder by the hydraulic transmission closed, its action followed by low-speed start, high-speed, low-speed closed mold, leaving a gap closed, the final locking by adjusting the cylinder to complete .
Feeding the first to open the exhaust port, with the air blowing cavity, the 0.1 to 0.2MPa steam preheating cavity 30s, with the feeding gun eps will be sent to the mold cavity, with the air from the vent and closed mold Leaving the gap discharge. Feeding is completed, the die is closed, and then to the chamber through the 0.1-0.2MPa steam heating 10-30min, eps expansion filled cavity. Cooling water to the mold wall for cooling, and then stripping products, give the drying room in the 50-60’C of hot air drying 24h, curing stereotypes.


Adopting  PLC and colored display touch screen to control the process, such as open and close mold, feeding heating, warming , vacuum cooling and product pushing out.
*Adopting advanced EPS penetrating and heating molding process (diving into main heating, auxiliary heating, mid-instant close process),with strong penetrating power, good bonding, low gas expense.
*With structure of 3-opening-door, product pushing out automatically and performing in rectangle. 1kg less expended material for each block, smooth appearance and fine shape.
*Feeding directly by automatic injectors(8 sets for 630,16 sets for 1000), 45 seconds
*Either vacuum cooling or air-cooling is available..

EPS Semi-auto block cutting machine

Semi-Auto EPS Block Cutting Machine PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Semi-automatic EPS block cutting machine Function:

1. The machine is made of quality steels, those guarantee a high long life, well engineered structure.

2. Noise free working environment, smooth cutting process.

3. Simple operation, user friendly.

4. Step motor enables this machine to do both vertical and horizontal cutting.

5. Safety focus.

6. Precision is guaranteed.