EPS pre-hair machine work process

 Eps pre-hair machine work process

Widely used in a variety of precision instruments, a variety of light industrial products, packaging pads, most of them adopt eps molded foam system, it can be made directly with the packaging of the corresponding shape, with a reliable shock, heat, And other characteristics. Eps plastic packaging pad molding process can be carried out on the hydraulic machine, forming the hydraulic cylinder by the hydraulic transmission closed, its action followed by low-speed start, high-speed, low-speed closed mold, leaving a gap closed, the final locking by adjusting the cylinder to complete .
Feeding the first to open the exhaust port, with the air blowing cavity, the 0.1 to 0.2MPa steam preheating cavity 30s, with the feeding gun eps will be sent to the mold cavity, with the air from the vent and closed mold Leaving the gap discharge. Feeding is completed, the die is closed, and then to the chamber through the 0.1-0.2MPa steam heating 10-30min, eps expansion filled cavity. Cooling water to the mold wall for cooling, and then stripping products, give the drying room in the 50-60’C of hot air drying 24h, curing stereotypes.

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