EPS energy-saving type shape molding machine

EPS energy-saving type shape molding machine

Frame Structure:

a. high-strength frame: further enhanced the back and front frame, adopt machine’s body and feet as a whole style, greatly increased the templates more stronger and stiffness;

b. All the templates processed by relief annealing, machined by CNC machining center;

c. Frame surface de-rusted by sandblast, It guarantees the best capability and long lifetime for anti-corrosion.


EPS manual foam molding machine related to the introduction

EPS manual foam molding machine has a variety of specifications and models, the working principle is basically the same, are the use of hydraulic systems and PLC program control, will be pre-mature and mature EPS pellets into the cavity, the use of steam through a certain tube Road and molding machine directly into the mold cavity stomata cavity, the EPS particles after heating expansion, due to cavity restrictions.

The expansion of the particles to fill the entire cavity of the device from the surface completely bonded as a whole, and then by the cooling system to its shape, made of the required size of a few plates, and then open the cavity to remove products, , Cutting processes such as the final need for the project made of sheet metal, as the product supply market.


Foam Cutting Machine

Main Features of eps cutting machine:

1.The main frame of the machine is weld ed from square profile steel, with strong structure, high strength adn no deformation;

2.the machine has horizontal,vertical and cross cutting devices, and can realize 3-direction cutting , i.e. horizontal, vertical and cross cutting;

3.The machine daopts converter speed goveming advantageous in stable moving, large range(0-4m/min)of step-less speed governing, suitable for rwquirements of low-speed cutting and fast cutter-retract;

4.Voltage adjustment: adopts 10KVA multi-tapped special transformer for adjustment with wide adjustable range and multiple voltages;

5.C type cutting machine has multi-wire cross cutting system, use motor and converter to motivate cutting frame upward and downward. Maximum 20wires can be set for cross cutting.


*Adopting color display touch screen, electric weight, automatic charge, photoelectric level limit, automatic temperature control.
*Foam with closed drum and lasting pressure, drum and lasting pressure, high heating efficiency and steam energy saving.
*Adopting international-advanced separator of gas and water, reduce surface moisture content of particle and no easy-block in feeding.
*For the drum, made of stainless steel, never stain after operation.
*Accurate foaming rate, ±0.5g

Correct understanding of foam machinery and EPS foam machinery

Foam machinery is the manufacture of polystyrene foam machinery, which is EPS foam machinery.
The complete set of foam machinery and equipment, including pre-hair machine, sheet metal forming machine, automatic molding machine, cutting machine, recycling granulator and auxiliary equipment.
1, of which, the pre-hair machine is divided into intermittent pre-press and continuous pre-hair machine.
2, sheet metal forming machine, there are many categories, generally can be divided into single-door sheet metal forming machine, adjustable sheet metal forming machine, translating sheet metal forming machine, vertical sheet metal forming machine, oyster-plate molding machine.
3, automatic molding machine, mainly used in the manufacture of electrical foam packaging, fruit foam boxes, vegetable foam boxes, aquatic products such as foam boxes, and other types of packaging products, uses a very wide range.
4, foam cutting machine, it is the use of electric wire cutting equipment, specifically for cutting all kinds of foam products, A-type foam cutting machine, C-type foam cutting machine, there are two-dimensional, three-dimensional foam cutting machine,
5, in which the recycling equipment is the foam by crushing – plasticizing, pumping – granulation and other processes, respectively, by the foam crusher, foam granulator, pelletizer composition, it is made of foam foam foam particles so that In the recycling of equipment.

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Semiautomatic block machine

Main parameters: External Dimension 1020×1040×2480mm Principal Vibration Style Table vibration Nominal Pressure 16mpa Vibration Frequency 60HZ Pallet Size 680×540mm Gross Power 17kw Shape Period 20-25sec Overall Weight 3000kg Max date output(390mm*190mm*190mm) 4320pc

The equipment as following: 1Belt conveyor 2 block making machine 3 pallets feeder 4 green block conveyor 5Control unit 6 Hydraulic unit 7one mould Final product: concrete block, hollow brick, perforated block, interlock block, paver block, solid brick,grass block. and other moulds of blocks. OneYear(300DAYS)

Major technical characteristic 1. The simplest hydraulic system,and operation essentials can be learnt easily in few minutes. 2. The stratiform colored layer can be fed with the simple horizontal twice material feeding system. 3. The pressing and vibration combined organically.The finished products have high density and excellent performance 4. The adaptability of raw material is good. Various waste dust and residues can be infiltrated and used to make medium-grade(or high-grade)concrete products with load-bearing or non load-bearing. 5. A machine is multi-purposes,by changing its mould ,it can produce different specifications of cement products,such as hollow bricks,porous bricks,standard bricks, insulated bricks ,sprig-grass bricks and pavement bricks. 6. Following the ISO9001 Quality Control System strictly to inspect each production procedure ,ensuring the reliability and accuracy of each component. 7. With compact structure,simple,operation,convenient maintenance,steady capacity,efficient and good practicability.


Characteristics of EPS Automatic Foamed Plastic Sheet Molding Machine

EPS-type automatic foam sheet molding machine features are as follows:
① electrical part of the use of advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) control system to ensure that the electrical system stability and reliability, reducing the machine running the process of failure probability.
② the use of hydraulic system control open mode, off mode, the top of the parts and clamping. Compared with the pneumatic devices, hydraulic system has a stable, high pressure, non-compressible and so on, so the operation of the fault less clamping force, reliable, operation will not be serious leakage. This can reduce energy consumption and improve the production environment; while increasing production efficiency of 3% to 10%.
③ The use of automatic feeding gun and negative pressure feeding, increased production efficiency and uniform density of the sheet and the appearance of smooth.
④ Steam control system uses automatic ball valve control, the machine performance is more stable, safe, longer life.
⑤ pipeline all automatic control, with over-voltage alarm, automatic decompression and other multiple automatic safety protection measures, as well as computer monitoring, pressure feedback, fully automatic control of the three-level protection.
⑥ use of hydraulic cylinder from the front side of the open cavity, the lateral plate out than the length of the plate from the introduction of nearly half of the operating area. The cavity is only open side to reduce steam leakage, not only save energy, but also conducive to product molding, and increased the safety factor of the equipment.
⑦ use of polystyrene resin can be made through the molding process, three times heating and insulation, with penetrating ability, good adhesion, forming speed, less gas consumption and flat surface, save energy and so on.
⑧ machine running the program by the computer, hydraulic and pneumatic joint control, to achieve full automation, the machine moves the program accurate, reliable, safe and efficient. Each program can be adjusted in accordance with the pre-set time and analog input signal to work, and automatically transferred to the next program. Therefore, the production of 6 ~ 16kg / m3 range of different density of the plate, with the ability to adapt to different process requirements, a machine, a machine more energy.

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Eps continuous pre-expander machine

With continuous pre-expander, the raw material feeding into the pre-expansion tank as well as the foaming process runs “continuously” They are especially suitable for high material throughput with almost the same densities all the way in a range of 12-30g/l.

1.Chamber is made by quality stainless steels, fully engineered structure, stable performance, high throughput at low energy consumption.

2.1st and 2nd passes are both workable.

3.Simple construction and thus low maintenance requirements.

4.Electric control, and valve system for adjustments of steam pressure, even density is achieved.

5.Simple and reliable operation.

6.Safety protection.

7.Drying system including fluidized bed drier is optional.