Characteristics of EPS Automatic Foamed Plastic Sheet Molding Machine

EPS-type automatic foam sheet molding machine features are as follows:
① electrical part of the use of advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) control system to ensure that the electrical system stability and reliability, reducing the machine running the process of failure probability.
② the use of hydraulic system control open mode, off mode, the top of the parts and clamping. Compared with the pneumatic devices, hydraulic system has a stable, high pressure, non-compressible and so on, so the operation of the fault less clamping force, reliable, operation will not be serious leakage. This can reduce energy consumption and improve the production environment; while increasing production efficiency of 3% to 10%.
③ The use of automatic feeding gun and negative pressure feeding, increased production efficiency and uniform density of the sheet and the appearance of smooth.
④ Steam control system uses automatic ball valve control, the machine performance is more stable, safe, longer life.
⑤ pipeline all automatic control, with over-voltage alarm, automatic decompression and other multiple automatic safety protection measures, as well as computer monitoring, pressure feedback, fully automatic control of the three-level protection.
⑥ use of hydraulic cylinder from the front side of the open cavity, the lateral plate out than the length of the plate from the introduction of nearly half of the operating area. The cavity is only open side to reduce steam leakage, not only save energy, but also conducive to product molding, and increased the safety factor of the equipment.
⑦ use of polystyrene resin can be made through the molding process, three times heating and insulation, with penetrating ability, good adhesion, forming speed, less gas consumption and flat surface, save energy and so on.
⑧ machine running the program by the computer, hydraulic and pneumatic joint control, to achieve full automation, the machine moves the program accurate, reliable, safe and efficient. Each program can be adjusted in accordance with the pre-set time and analog input signal to work, and automatically transferred to the next program. Therefore, the production of 6 ~ 16kg / m3 range of different density of the plate, with the ability to adapt to different process requirements, a machine, a machine more energy.

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