Correct understanding of foam machinery and EPS foam machinery

Foam machinery is the manufacture of polystyrene foam machinery, which is EPS foam machinery.
The complete set of foam machinery and equipment, including pre-hair machine, sheet metal forming machine, automatic molding machine, cutting machine, recycling granulator and auxiliary equipment.
1, of which, the pre-hair machine is divided into intermittent pre-press and continuous pre-hair machine.
2, sheet metal forming machine, there are many categories, generally can be divided into single-door sheet metal forming machine, adjustable sheet metal forming machine, translating sheet metal forming machine, vertical sheet metal forming machine, oyster-plate molding machine.
3, automatic molding machine, mainly used in the manufacture of electrical foam packaging, fruit foam boxes, vegetable foam boxes, aquatic products such as foam boxes, and other types of packaging products, uses a very wide range.
4, foam cutting machine, it is the use of electric wire cutting equipment, specifically for cutting all kinds of foam products, A-type foam cutting machine, C-type foam cutting machine, there are two-dimensional, three-dimensional foam cutting machine,
5, in which the recycling equipment is the foam by crushing – plasticizing, pumping – granulation and other processes, respectively, by the foam crusher, foam granulator, pelletizer composition, it is made of foam foam foam particles so that In the recycling of equipment.

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