EPS recycling machine

EPS recycling system consists of Crushing machine, De-duster and Mixer Etc. The crushing machine smashes wasted EPS products or EPS scraps into granule, then through de-duster to sieve and remove the dust. After Sieving and de-dusting, the recycling material is mixed with virgin material According to definite proportion, and to be used in both Shape and Block Molding Machine.

EPS energy-saving type shape molding machine

Control System

a. With the use of PLC Controller (Programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen, the automatic cycle process of opening and closing of the moulds, material feeding, steaming, temperature preservation, cooling, mould ejection, and releasing the final product from the machine will be accomplished automatically;

b. The machine uses the Spinning Encoder to control the travel distance covered during the opening and locking of the mould, to make sure that sealing remains identical during each feeding, and to ensure that the feeding density is uniform.

Three-stage molding machine (plastic – metering – injection)

A company-wide production of micro-electronic-driven injection molding machine .Microsystem50, the injection volume can change from 0.025cm3 to 1.1cm3, can be used to shape a single piece of 0.1g in the following micro-plastic parts. The injection molding machine uses a modular design method, the plastic, metering, injection and other units separated, and then through the modular assembly technology to complete the assembly of the machine. While also increasing the quality control module, plastic parts can be achieved online quality control. In addition, vacuum suction of mobile robots, storage devices for blister packs, and complete demolding monitoring equipment with cameras, as well as the corresponding cleanroom technology, are integrated into one manufacturing unit.

Molding plastic plastic melt through the diameter of 14mm screw into the measurement unit, the precise measurement and then enter the injection unit. The metering unit consists of a high-precision position control piston and a pressure sensor to ensure precise control of the injected melt volume and return pressure. Injection unit through the servo control of the cam mechanism to drive a diameter of 5mm plunger, thus ensuring the plunger in a very short period of time can get a higher speed, and with high enough pressure to melt quickly into the micro-mold Cavity. In order to meet the requirements of micro-melt rapid filling, Microsystem50 injection machine also provides up to 760mm / s injection speed, the maximum injection pressure of 262.5MPa, dry cycle of 1.8s. The appearance of the whole machine and the structural principle of the injection unit are shown in Fig


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*Color display touch screen, electric weight, automatic charge, photoelectric level limit, automatic temperature control.

*Foam with closed drum and lasting pressure, drum and lasting pressure, high heating efficiency and steam energy saving.

*Adopting international-advanced separator of gas and water, reduce surface moisture content of particle and no easy-block in feeding.

*For the drum, made of stainless steel, never stain after operation.

*Accurate foaming rate, ±0.5g

*Compared with continuous foaming machine, its foamed particle has higher content of vesicant. Product with polished surface and high quality.

EPS line features

EPS decorative lines is a new type of decorative lines and components of the external walls, it can completely replace the traditional cement components, more suitable for installation in the outer wall, not only reflects the European classical, elegant decorative style, but also to ensure that the main building Wall does not appear cold, hot bridge effect. Especially for the European style of high-rise buildings, the installation of cement components is very difficult, long duration, long time there will be cracks, poor durability, and the use of EPS decorative lines, with ease of installation, economy, durability and other advantages.

Light weight. EPS line aggregate for the stupid ethylene, the weight of the finished product is about GRC decorative line 1/6 or so, a person that is free to move, construction.

Paste firmly. EPS decorative line is mainly used for bonding polymer mortar and the wall, the polymer mortar is the organic rubber added to the inorganic material made of cement mortar mixing, long life, solid bond, and has national standards and norms, and In a large number of engineering applications proved to be safe and reliable, thus avoiding the use of anchors bolt anchor construction and corrosion of the hidden dangers, but also completely solve the external thermal insulation, thermal bridge problem.

Modeling free processing. EPS lines using computer design modeling, automatic cutting, short production period.

Easy to install. The use of special adhesive materials and methods, a person can install the construction, especially the large amount of line works, simply bond installation.

No gaps between the lines. EPS decorative lines between the use of the same wall with the same gap filling material, the gap all disappear, in the future will not use cracks.

EPS foam cutting machine

Main Features

1.The machine has all advantages including the features of A type cutting machine, such as high strong frame, big transformer and frequency control the motor speed;

2. A type machine’s width cutting is done by manual way, with single-wire. While C type machine adopt frequency control of motor speed and voltage adjustment device, realized multi-wire cutting and speed control.

EPS Shape Moulding Machine


A. Unique machine structure: High- strength frame, machine’s body and feet as a whole style, and make the template and machine feet integrated, greatly increased the template’s more stronger and stiffness.

B. Hydraulic Pressure System: save 6S/cycle

C. Steam System

patented steam system bring us the result for heating time saving around  25%~ 30%as long as the energy consumption.

D. Pipe system: For the completely inlet and exit of water, air and steam, we use the big pipeline and valves which is very close to the mold,  reduce the waste of energy consumption, while improving running speed.

E. Vacuum System: Special design vacuum system with large drain pipeline and big spraying system, which is spray the rising hot steam directly, greatly increased condensation rate.

F. Control System: All pressure adjustment are remote controlled by control box, such as cross steaming , Main steaming, Filling  pressure, De-molding and air cooling pressure. It is easily operated.



EPS lines compared to the advantages of traditional lines

EPS lines compared with the traditional lines of what advantages, this is a very key words, so that we can more clearly understand the EPS line. So, today Xiaobian through the sorting and induction to introduce the advantages of EPS lines.

There are three kinds of traditional lines: concrete cast-in-place lines, GRC prefabricated lines, gypsum lines, traditional materials have their own shortcomings, EPS can replace traditional lines, is a major technical leap.

Casting lines to the scene of concrete molding, template can only be used once, a huge waste, easy to die, geometric size is difficult to ensure that the surface of the scene is difficult to achieve the effect of artificial painting, but do not have insulation properties.

GRC prefabricated lines are bulky, there are security risks in high altitude, geometric size is not accurate enough, joint joints are difficult to deal with, and the wall connection with steel expansion bolts, the bolt is easy to rust outdoors, the wall rust, Facade beautiful, easy to crack joints, not waterproof, no insulation properties, but can not prevent the cold, hot bridge.

Gypsum line itself is not waterproof, rain and sunlight will weathering, low strength, poor weather resistance, can not be used outdoors, and poor accuracy, there is no insulation properties.

EPS decorative lines of the advantages of light weight, paste firmly, modeling free processing, easy installation, seamless lines, just the traditional materials to add and improve

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