EPS lines compared to the advantages of traditional lines

EPS lines compared with the traditional lines of what advantages, this is a very key words, so that we can more clearly understand the EPS line. So, today Xiaobian through the sorting and induction to introduce the advantages of EPS lines.

There are three kinds of traditional lines: concrete cast-in-place lines, GRC prefabricated lines, gypsum lines, traditional materials have their own shortcomings, EPS can replace traditional lines, is a major technical leap.

Casting lines to the scene of concrete molding, template can only be used once, a huge waste, easy to die, geometric size is difficult to ensure that the surface of the scene is difficult to achieve the effect of artificial painting, but do not have insulation properties.

GRC prefabricated lines are bulky, there are security risks in high altitude, geometric size is not accurate enough, joint joints are difficult to deal with, and the wall connection with steel expansion bolts, the bolt is easy to rust outdoors, the wall rust, Facade beautiful, easy to crack joints, not waterproof, no insulation properties, but can not prevent the cold, hot bridge.

Gypsum line itself is not waterproof, rain and sunlight will weathering, low strength, poor weather resistance, can not be used outdoors, and poor accuracy, there is no insulation properties.

EPS decorative lines of the advantages of light weight, paste firmly, modeling free processing, easy installation, seamless lines, just the traditional materials to add and improve

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