EPS Shape Moulding Machine


A. Unique machine structure: High- strength frame, machine’s body and feet as a whole style, and make the template and machine feet integrated, greatly increased the template’s more stronger and stiffness.

B. Hydraulic Pressure System: save 6S/cycle

C. Steam System

patented steam system bring us the result for heating time saving around  25%~ 30%as long as the energy consumption.

D. Pipe system: For the completely inlet and exit of water, air and steam, we use the big pipeline and valves which is very close to the mold,  reduce the waste of energy consumption, while improving running speed.

E. Vacuum System: Special design vacuum system with large drain pipeline and big spraying system, which is spray the rising hot steam directly, greatly increased condensation rate.

F. Control System: All pressure adjustment are remote controlled by control box, such as cross steaming , Main steaming, Filling  pressure, De-molding and air cooling pressure. It is easily operated.



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