EPS line features

EPS decorative lines is a new type of decorative lines and components of the external walls, it can completely replace the traditional cement components, more suitable for installation in the outer wall, not only reflects the European classical, elegant decorative style, but also to ensure that the main building Wall does not appear cold, hot bridge effect. Especially for the European style of high-rise buildings, the installation of cement components is very difficult, long duration, long time there will be cracks, poor durability, and the use of EPS decorative lines, with ease of installation, economy, durability and other advantages.

Light weight. EPS line aggregate for the stupid ethylene, the weight of the finished product is about GRC decorative line 1/6 or so, a person that is free to move, construction.

Paste firmly. EPS decorative line is mainly used for bonding polymer mortar and the wall, the polymer mortar is the organic rubber added to the inorganic material made of cement mortar mixing, long life, solid bond, and has national standards and norms, and In a large number of engineering applications proved to be safe and reliable, thus avoiding the use of anchors bolt anchor construction and corrosion of the hidden dangers, but also completely solve the external thermal insulation, thermal bridge problem.

Modeling free processing. EPS lines using computer design modeling, automatic cutting, short production period.

Easy to install. The use of special adhesive materials and methods, a person can install the construction, especially the large amount of line works, simply bond installation.

No gaps between the lines. EPS decorative lines between the use of the same wall with the same gap filling material, the gap all disappear, in the future will not use cracks.

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