Current Situation of Domestic Molding Machine

In recent years, China’s micro-injection molding machine in the research and development has also made considerable progress. The two-stage micro-injection molding machine developed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Micro System Technology Center is capable of vacuum injection at injection speeds of up to 1000mm / s, maximum injection volume of 0.5cm3, resolution of 0.05mg, plunger diameter of 5mm, clamping force of 20kN . Injection operation is upward injection, to avoid poor exhaust, and no valve control; clamping system in the four corners are equipped with a server, can automatically adjust the clamping pressure to minimize the amount of deformation when clamping; using two sets of linear Electric motor, high-speed injection can be achieved, the accuracy level is less than mg level.

XM-E series all-electric injection machine produced by Xinpu Plastic (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts all-motor drive and servo, frequency conversion and PLC control technology. Injection system uses a special screw-plunger hybrid structure and PID temperature control. XM-E05 standard mold clamping force of 50kN, plastic screw diameter of 16mm, injection plunger diameter of 10mm, the theoretical injection capacity of 8cm3, the maximum injection pressure of 245MPa, the maximum injection speed of 150mm / s.


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