About EPS intermittent pre – foaming machine

Intermittent pre-dispenser (also known as quantitative pre-presses or pressurized pre-hair machine), mainly used with fully automatic packaging machine supporting, through the provision of EPS intermittent pre-foaming machine EPS intermittent pre-foam machine Uniform density without the phenomenon of caking EPS pre-material, in order to meet the production process of packaging products molding conditions. Intermittent pre-dispenser sub-vacuum intermittent pre-dispenser and general intermittent pre-feeder. With the specifications of the case is usually more continuous volume, feeding, crushing, air-drying device also requires better efficiency.

Pre-hair machine barrel in front of the set vibration level of the induction controller, foam beads can be perceived the correct degree of rise, so that the density of pre-beads more uniform, tolerance is only ± 0.3kg / m3, which is intermittent Pre-hair machine is different from the continuous one of the characteristics of pre-hair machine. Pre-release beads, the hair barrel internal temperature changes are very small, to remove the occurrence of condensation and pre-beads of agglomeration phenomenon, it can reduce the moisture content of raw materials, saving energy. + This intermittent pre – hair machine in the operation from the feeding, heating, discharge, feed to the air – drying process using automatic process control, regulation is convenient and accurate. Pre-beads from the bottom up, when reached a certain height, the signal issued by the photoelectric tube can be discharged, the action is accurate and sensitive, when the foam pressure stability, the density is almost consistent, which is the correct choice of molding conditions important.

As the automatic control equipment of the progressive support, the machine can be prepared to heat, heated to a certain temperature can easily enter the automatic pre-issued, such as failure, can be automatically displayed. Such equipment each time to join the number of beads is very accurate, the machine temperature at any time display, uniform intake, and equipped with air purging device; In addition, such equipment with air-dry, smash feeding device, but also easier to control. Feeding device generally with a ventilation filter device, powder is not easy to enter the pre-hair machine, easy to produce clogging and agglomeration. Raw material beads and lighter pre-beads, which have a lower blowing agent (longer storage time), can also achieve good results, which are advantageous for cost reduction and raw material adaptability. Particularly in view of the environmental protection requirements, some manufacturers have already implemented the use of low blowing agent content of raw materials (about 3 010), in this case the use of intermittent pre-hair machine, the production efficiency is higher.


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