EPS Block Cutting Machine

Item UNIT SPQ6000W
Suitable for block size mm (2000-6000)*1200*1200
Min. Cutting thickness mm 20
Cutting speed m/min 0.5-1
Max. Wires in horizontal piece 51
Max. Wires in cross vertical piece 6
Max. Wires in cross cutting piece 16
Hot wire specification mm 0.4-0.8
Connected load Kw 18
Power supply V/HZ 380/50
Weight Kg 2500
Contour size MM (4500-8500)*1800*2500

EPS recycling machinery

EPS recycling machinery, including EPS crusher, EPS dust collector, EPS mixer, EPS shredders.

It is widely used in the manufacture of the products such as injection molding, extrusion, calendering and so on. The transparent FPS material can be used for the manufacture of transparent FPS material through the process of crushing-melting-mixing-extrusion-cooling-granulation.

Mechanical recovery is divided into simple regeneration and compound regeneration two. Simple regeneration is mainly used for the production of corners of the waste, but also easy to clean the recycling of disposable waste, its composition is relatively simple, clean, renewable materials can be used alone or in a certain proportion of the use of new materials.

Simple regeneration can also use existing technology and equipment, the scrap and substandard products by crusher (Figure 1), broken into a certain size of the particles, mixed with fresh pre-beads in the sheet metal forming machine or packaging machine In the shape, made of a variety of specifications and shape of the EPS products.

EPS shape molding machine

EPS shape molding machine

Hydraulic Pressure System: ( save 6S/cycle)

a, Compared to former design T and A type machine, our new E type machine hydraulic system achieves faster operation for 250mm/speed from 180mm/second.

b, Hydraulic cylinders for the machine frame movement makes the safety locking of the mold during the steaming process and avoid the leakage of the steam.

c, Special hydraulic pressure design: the ejecting cylinder and de-mold cylinder can be running simultaneity, which realize the de-mold gas blowing and product ejection synchronization effectively, reduced running speed and improve de-mold capability,

EPS energy-saving type shape molding machine

Cooling System

a. The vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum storage tank, vacuum cooling tank, and highly efficient water-circulative vacuum pump, increased length and diameter of condensate pipe, taking vacuum cooling as primary and water cooling as secondary to ensure products low moisture content;

b. Reserved an interface for central vacuum equipment.


Adopting  PLC and colored display touch screen to control the process, such as open and close mold, feeding heating, warming , vacuum cooling and product pushing out.

*Adopting advanced EPS penetrating and heating molding process (diving into main heating, auxiliary heating, mid-instant close process),with strong penetrating power, good bonding, low gas expense.

*With structure of 3-opening-door, product pushing out automatically and performing in rectangle. 1kg less expended material for each block, smooth appearance and fine shape.

*Feeding directly by automatic injectors(8 sets for 630,16 sets for 1000), 45 seconds

*Either vacuum cooling or air-cooling is available..

EPS Crusher

It is the best solution for EPS block and EPS packages waste recycle. The crusher consists of shredders and polishers. The cmbered shredders crush the EPS to symmetricl beads in low speed.

And then the polisher mill the beads to round EPS. Normally it works together with de-duster and Mixer.


EPS automatic foam machine

Automatic intermittent pressurized quantitative pre-hair machine, by the quantitative pre-press and fluidized drying drying and screening, crushing, conveying equipment and other components of the automatic cycle of foam system. Suitable for pre-foaming of expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam products, it is an indispensable machine for foam plastic products factory.

After the pre-foamed EPS foam particles, under normal pressure in the aging treatment, you can supply foam molding machine into a variety of different shapes of plastic packaging products and different specifications of foam plastic sheet. Foam products are suitable for packaging household appliances, instruments, locomotives, ships, refrigerators, refrigerators, such as thermal insulation, noise, shock the ideal material.