Unique machine structure of EPS shape molding machine

1. Unique machine structure:

a, High- strength frame: Further enhanced the back template and moving frame, adopt machine’s body and feet as a whole style, and make the template and machine feet integrated, greatly increased the template’s more stronger and stiffness.

b, The EPS machine has being treated with a zinc spraying after the manufacturing works which improves longer service life.

c, Adopts opposite directions type tie bar for easily maintenance and wear resistance self-lubricating copper tube which solved original tie bar bushing ‘s problem and improved the lubrication effectiveness.

d, Adopt stainless steel plate for the support and back plate each contacting positions, which will reduce the wear and rust of the mold precision.

2, Hydraulic Pressure System: ( save 6S/cycle)

a, Compared to former design T and A type machine, our new E type machine hydraulic system achieves faster operation for 250mm/speed from 180mm/second.

b, Hydraulic cylinders for the machine frame movement makes the safety locking of the mold during the steaming process and avoid the leakage of the steam.

c, Special hydraulic pressure design: the ejecting cylinder and de-mold cylinder can be running simultaneity, which realize the de-mold gas blowing and product ejection synchronization effectively, reduced running speed and improve de-mold capability.

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Molding machine forming cycle

As can be seen from Figure 4, the right side of the piston plunger in the sleeve to move a stroke to complete the pre-compression → plastic deformation → type → stop for a molding cycle. After stopping, the left piston plunger enters the next forming cycle. Normal operation, the minimum pressure required for the minimum pressure, the basic air stroke hydraulic pressure, piston rod to stop moving, into the warranty section, the required pressure section of the largest section, to the hydraulic system rated pressure.

If the docking section (time) is constant, increase the forming cycle, then the maintenance section (time) increased, the type of energy consumption increased, productivity decreased; if the increase in stop time, although the molding pressure unchanged, but reduced productivity. The molding machine in the basic molding, maintenance and change the time required under the premise of the molding cycle of 7 s.

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EPS shape molding machine – Control System

a, All pressure adjustment are remote controlled by control box, such as cross steaming , Main steaming, Filling pressure, De-molding and air cooling pressure. It is easily operated. In addition, the hydraulic pressure can be also adjusted in touched screen according to different foaming area. The program also has many self-protection and alarm systems.

b,  Adopting remote control system for all control pressure parts, electric parts, valves, gauges and hydraulic parts adopt famous international brands with high quality to keep stable and smooth running.


EPS Batch Pre-expander

Main Feature

Pressure Reduction Valve  is used for steam control

PID System (Burkert proportional steam valve system ) ensure accuracy steam for pre-expansion.

Equipped with “Mettler Toledo”weighting sensor to increase weight accuracy

Two photoelectric Sensors & one vibration sensor detect material level

Equipped with waste heat collection and reuse system

Frequency control of motor speed during expansion

Insulation layer to reduce energy consumption

Second expansion is available for lower density

Fluid bed is equipped with heater to shorten aging time

Five safety features to insure safe operation

Safety Fence on top

EPS molding machine system program

Piping System

For the completely inlet and exit of water, air and steam, we use the big pipeline and valves which is very close to the mold, reduce the waste of energy consumption, while improving running speed.

Vacuum System

Adopting vertical vacuum system, with 4-6” large drain pipeline and long distant of condensation drainpipe, using vertical vacuum system on the top of the machine, equip with a big spraying system, which is spray the rising hot steam directly, greatly increased condensation rate. Thus, improve vacuum suction efficiency and achieve vacuum as main cooling instead of main water cooling (normally water cooling will be set only 8-12s). Enable the product of water percentage ≤10%, In addition, the spray header of the replacement and maintenance is very convenient.

Pre – issued procedure of EPS Batch pre-expander machine

With tPre – issued procedure of EPS Batch pre-expander machine pre-issued, according to the different expansion ratio, the hourly production efficiency is different.

1, pre-clear the barrel of debris, close the cleaning door, open the air valve and steam valve. Prepare the raw material and press the delivery button. Set the amount of feed, the weighing switch will be placed in the automatic position, the counter set the number of times required to confirm the time set each step, waiting for the material full of the signal. Fan and the screen, the selection button placed in the automatic, press the preheat button, preheat 6min, according to set the number of pre-issued, the hair machine will automatically repeat the pre-process.

2, the end of the pre-release When the last run of the end, left in the hopper when the weight of raw materials is insufficient, the switch dial to semi-automatic, press the “remaining pre-hair” button, the remaining material will be shorter than the previous process 5s short time carry out. This switch is only valid at the end of the previous operation of 50 ~ 300s, beyond this range need to manually. In the automatic mode down, to manually clean the tube, will remain in the pre-cylinder within the beads cleared. Off the steam and the air total valve, cut off the power.



Adopting Japanese Omron PLC and colored display touch screen to control the process, such as open and close mold, feeding heating, warming , vacuum cooling and product pushing out.

*Adopting advanced EPS penetrating and heating molding process (diving into main heating, auxiliary heating, mid-instant close process),with strong penetrating power, good bonding, low gas expense.

*With structure of 3-opening-door, product pushing out automatically and performing in rectangle. 1kg less expended material for each block, smooth appearance and fine shape.

*Feeding directly by automatic injectors(8 sets for 630,16 sets for 1000), 45 seconds

*Either vacuum cooling or air-cooling is available..


The Problems in the Design of EPS Molding Machine

The forming pressure required for forming rods is 1100 to 1200 kgcm-2. As the cross-sectional area of the forming rod increases, the total pressure required for molding is also increased. The components of the crankshaft power transmission mechanism must be of sufficient strength, Stiffness and Reliable Lubrication System. In order to make the EPS molding machine running smoothly, conducive to molding, flywheel should have enough inertia. The formation of biomass is affected by a number of factors such as pressure, temperature, type of feedstock, particle size, moisture content, shape of the forming cylinder. In order to ensure the molding pressure under the premise of improving the material temperature, which will help improve the molding effect, so the molding start-up stage to be appropriate heating, so that no friction heat to maintain the case, to achieve the necessary molding temperature. When the work is normal, by the electronic control device automatically control the molding temperature. In order to adapt the molding machine to the molding of various materials, the curved surface of the inner wall of the forming cylinder should meet the requirements of various material forming processes. The retaining section should have sufficient length and the tip diameter can be adjusted. In the most serious parts of the molding tube wear can be designed to replace the bushing, wear can be replaced separately, reduce maintenance costs.

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EPS shape molding machine

Steam System

a, Fang-Yuan patented PID system made by DN50 actuator makes the sensitive steam pressure control between 0.10-0.15Mpa, +/-0.1Mpa tolerance bring us the result for heating time saving around  25%~30% as long as the energy consumption.

b, It controls the steam pressure by balance valve and pressure sensor instead of electronic connector pressure gauge. The mold pressure can be set by touched screen to make easy and accurate control.