The Problems in the Design of EPS Molding Machine

The forming pressure required for forming rods is 1100 to 1200 kgcm-2. As the cross-sectional area of the forming rod increases, the total pressure required for molding is also increased. The components of the crankshaft power transmission mechanism must be of sufficient strength, Stiffness and Reliable Lubrication System. In order to make the EPS molding machine running smoothly, conducive to molding, flywheel should have enough inertia. The formation of biomass is affected by a number of factors such as pressure, temperature, type of feedstock, particle size, moisture content, shape of the forming cylinder. In order to ensure the molding pressure under the premise of improving the material temperature, which will help improve the molding effect, so the molding start-up stage to be appropriate heating, so that no friction heat to maintain the case, to achieve the necessary molding temperature. When the work is normal, by the electronic control device automatically control the molding temperature. In order to adapt the molding machine to the molding of various materials, the curved surface of the inner wall of the forming cylinder should meet the requirements of various material forming processes. The retaining section should have sufficient length and the tip diameter can be adjusted. In the most serious parts of the molding tube wear can be designed to replace the bushing, wear can be replaced separately, reduce maintenance costs.

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