Systems of EPS machine

Piping System

a, For the completely inlet and exit of water, air and steam, we use the big pipeline and valves which is very close to the mold, reduce the waste of energy consumption, while improving running speed.

Vacuum System

a, Adopting vertical vacuum system, with 4-6” large drain pipeline and long distant of condensation drainpipe, using vertical vacuum system on the top of the machine, equip with a big spraying system, which is spray the rising hot steam directly, greatly increased condensation rate. Thus, improve vacuum suction efficiency and achieve vacuum as main cooling instead of main water cooling (normally water cooling will be set only 8-12s). Enable the product of water percentage ≤10%, In addition, the spray header of the replacement and maintenance is very convenient.

Control System

a, All pressure adjustment are remote controlled by control box, such as cross steaming , Main steaming, Filling pressure, De-molding and air cooling pressure. It is easily operated. In addition, the hydraulic pressure can be also adjusted in touched screen according to different foaming area. The program also has many self-protection and alarm systems.

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Steam consumption: around 8 – 9 kg per cycle**

Compressed air consumption: around 1.4 m3 per cycle**

Cooling water consumption: around 50 -200 liters per cycle**

Connected Load: 6.8 KW (9HP)

Stroke: 1200 mm


Vacuumed system to get dry product with minimum cycle time

Designed to work with less Electricity, Steam, Air, Water consumption

L&T- valves for Steam line, Air line & Water line

Ejection Plate facility***

Electric control panel made with Siemens, L&T, Selec & other products

All pneumatic material with Festo make

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Feature of EPS Batch Pre-expander (Accurate type)

“Yoshitake” Pressure Reduction Valve from Japan is used for steam control

PID System (Burkert proportional steam valve system ) ensure accuracy steam for pre-expansion.

Equipped with “Mettler Toledo”weighting sensor to increase weight accuracy

Two photoelectric Sensors & one vibration sensor detect material level

Equipped with waste heat collection and reuse system

Frequency control of motor speed during expansion

Insulation layer to reduce energy consumption

Second expansion is available for lower density

Fluid bed is equipped with heater to shorten aging time

Five safety features to insure safe operation

Safety Fence on top

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EPS shape molding machine of System

Hydraulic Pressure System: ( save 6S/cycle)

a, Compared to former design T and A type machine, our new E type machine hydraulic system achieves faster operation for 250mm/speed from 180mm/second.

b, Hydraulic cylinders for the machine frame movement makes the safety locking of the mold during the steaming process and avoid the leakage of the steam.

c, Special hydraulic pressure design: the ejecting cylinder and de-mold cylinder can be running simultaneity, which realize the de-mold gas blowing and product ejection synchronization effectively, reduced running speed and improve de-mold capability,

Steam System

a, The patented PID system made by DN50 actuator makes the sensitive steam pressure control between 0.10-0.15Mpa, +/-0.1Mpa tolerance bring us the result for heating time saving around  25%~30%  as long as the energy consumption.

b, It controls the steam pressure by balance valve and pressure sensor instead of electronic connector pressure gauge.  The mold pressure can be set by touched screen to make easy and accurate control.

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Automatic molding machine

The purpose of the automatic molding machine development, improve its production efficiency, production quality and the stability of the machine to increase the flexibility of the system. On the basis of analyzing the control technology of thermoforming machine, the complicated logic control relationship of thermoforming machine working process is clarified. The advanced control methods and techniques such as PLC, position control module, sensing technology and touch screen are introduced into the control of thermoforming machine In the system, the hardware and software system of the automatic thermoforming machine control system is designed.

In the actual production, the thermoforming machine is widely used in a variety of plastic products manufacturing process, because of its high production efficiency, low cost, has become the main processing equipment for plastic products. At present, the main development direction of thermoforming machine is to use advanced motion control technology to improve its control level, which is to improve the quality of plastic products and production efficiency is of great significance. In this way, from the thermoforming process requirements, combined with the automatic thermoforming machine mechanical structure, the use of mature PLC technology, servo technology, sensor technology and man-machine interface and other means to carry out the development of automatic thermoforming machine to improve its production Efficiency, production quality and the stability of the machine, as well as increase the flexibility of the system.

EPS structural characteristics of the batch pre-expander

1.EPS batch pre-expander from the bottom into the steam pre-issued, if in a short time to send a lot of steam and each time in the room into the steam can be controlled at different stages, which can greatly reduce the machine cycle time, finished product quality There is a great increase in the feeding device set in the electronic scale, can accurately measure the weight of each feed material, before the material from the photoelectric level level sensor to strictly control the volume of pre-beads. The pre-magnification is determined by the amount of feed and the volume of the foam, and the vapor pressure and the air pressure do not directly affect the pre-magnification, making the pre-magnification easy to control and stable.

2. With a composite screw conveyor and automatic control of the density system; at the beginning of the machine can be installed with a pre-installed with a pre-warehouse, you can accurately weigh for the second pre-material weight. The screw-type stir bar system can adjust the stirring speed, the distance of each rod, the length and the end of the angle are carefully calculated to ensure that the raw material heat evenly and reduce the agglomeration, the bottom of the stirrer bar, so that raw materials will not stay in the chassis too Heated. And each stir bar is installed independently, easy to replace and clean. The stirrer motor and bearings are located outside the foam tube and are easy to service.


*Adopting Japanese Omron PLC, colored display touch screen, rotating coder.
*Pressurized feeding and feeling at intervals, high speed and short term of molding.
*Large diameter for gas entry and diameter for gas entry and discharge, fast gas go-in,
lower temperature of mold, short vacuuming time, high speed of molding.
*Rotating steam transport replacing of rubber pipe, reliable and stable.
*3-piece of mold (quick install mold), only 20 minutes for changing mold.
*New process of shot blast and rust remove, aluminum spray and rust proof.