EPS structural characteristics of the batch pre-expander

1.EPS batch pre-expander from the bottom into the steam pre-issued, if in a short time to send a lot of steam and each time in the room into the steam can be controlled at different stages, which can greatly reduce the machine cycle time, finished product quality There is a great increase in the feeding device set in the electronic scale, can accurately measure the weight of each feed material, before the material from the photoelectric level level sensor to strictly control the volume of pre-beads. The pre-magnification is determined by the amount of feed and the volume of the foam, and the vapor pressure and the air pressure do not directly affect the pre-magnification, making the pre-magnification easy to control and stable.

2. With a composite screw conveyor and automatic control of the density system; at the beginning of the machine can be installed with a pre-installed with a pre-warehouse, you can accurately weigh for the second pre-material weight. The screw-type stir bar system can adjust the stirring speed, the distance of each rod, the length and the end of the angle are carefully calculated to ensure that the raw material heat evenly and reduce the agglomeration, the bottom of the stirrer bar, so that raw materials will not stay in the chassis too Heated. And each stir bar is installed independently, easy to replace and clean. The stirrer motor and bearings are located outside the foam tube and are easy to service.

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