Automatic molding machine

The purpose of the automatic molding machine development, improve its production efficiency, production quality and the stability of the machine to increase the flexibility of the system. On the basis of analyzing the control technology of thermoforming machine, the complicated logic control relationship of thermoforming machine working process is clarified. The advanced control methods and techniques such as PLC, position control module, sensing technology and touch screen are introduced into the control of thermoforming machine In the system, the hardware and software system of the automatic thermoforming machine control system is designed.

In the actual production, the thermoforming machine is widely used in a variety of plastic products manufacturing process, because of its high production efficiency, low cost, has become the main processing equipment for plastic products. At present, the main development direction of thermoforming machine is to use advanced motion control technology to improve its control level, which is to improve the quality of plastic products and production efficiency is of great significance. In this way, from the thermoforming process requirements, combined with the automatic thermoforming machine mechanical structure, the use of mature PLC technology, servo technology, sensor technology and man-machine interface and other means to carry out the development of automatic thermoforming machine to improve its production Efficiency, production quality and the stability of the machine, as well as increase the flexibility of the system.

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