EPS shape molding machine of System

Hydraulic Pressure System: ( save 6S/cycle)

a, Compared to former design T and A type machine, our new E type machine hydraulic system achieves faster operation for 250mm/speed from 180mm/second.

b, Hydraulic cylinders for the machine frame movement makes the safety locking of the mold during the steaming process and avoid the leakage of the steam.

c, Special hydraulic pressure design: the ejecting cylinder and de-mold cylinder can be running simultaneity, which realize the de-mold gas blowing and product ejection synchronization effectively, reduced running speed and improve de-mold capability,

Steam System

a, The patented PID system made by DN50 actuator makes the sensitive steam pressure control between 0.10-0.15Mpa, +/-0.1Mpa tolerance bring us the result for heating time saving around  25%~30%  as long as the energy consumption.

b, It controls the steam pressure by balance valve and pressure sensor instead of electronic connector pressure gauge.  The mold pressure can be set by touched screen to make easy and accurate control.

FROM:Hangzhou Fangyuan

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