EPS Continuous pre-expander machine

EPS Continuous pre-expander machine main structure using steel and rectangular steel welded together, good rigidity. Four guide column for the horizontal layout, the program action by the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic joint control. Mold chamber with machine-mode separation structure, the machine can be equipped with several sets of different depth of the size of the air chamber, the replacement of the mold can be assembled before the machine to shorten the mold downtime.

The model has the following characteristics: to meet the different process requirements of the clamping force, a larger size, and the use of vacuum drying cooling, efficient pressure feed system, electrical system using programmable logic controller (PLC) Control, each work cycle is divided into more than 20 procedures, each program can be pre-adjusted to set the time to work, and automatically transferred to the next program, with high productivity and adapt to a variety of different process requirements ability.



*Adopting international-advanced separator of gas and water, reduce surface moisture content of particle, no easy blocking in feeding.

*For the drum, made of stainless steel, never stain after operation.

*Adopting non-step speed regulations, easy operation and repair.

*High output, good quality, accurate foaming rate.


type                           SPY-800(two pass)

Overall size                   5500×1930×2580mm

Diameter Size                  800mm

Foaming Density                0.6-0.25g/cm3

Capacity                       200-400kg/h

Total Power                    10KW

Machine Weight                 1800kg

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  1. Mould Dimension: 1400 X 1200 mm
  2. Any size of mould can be fitted (smaller than 1400 X 1200 mm)
  3. Maximum Product Size: 1250 X 1050 X 500 mm
  4. Steam consumption: around 8 – 9 kg per cycle**
  5. Compressed air consumption: around 1.4 m3 per cycle**
  6. Cooling water consumption: around 50 -200 liters per cycle**
  7. Connected Load: 4.5KW (6HP)
  8. Stroke: 1200 mm


  1. Designed to work with less Electricity, Steam, Air, Water consumption
  2. Separate valves for Steam line, Air line & Water line
  3. Ejection Plate facility***
  4. Electric control panel made with Siemens, L&T, Selec & other products
  5. All pneumatic material with FRL

EPS machine-shape molding machine

1. Unique machine structure:

a, High- strength frame: Further enhanced the back template and moving frame, adopt machine’s body and feet as a whole style, and make the template and machine feet integrated, greatly increased the template’s more stronger and stiffness.

b, The machine has being treated with a zinc spraying after the manufacturing works which improves longer service life.

c, Adopts opposite directions type tie bar for easily maintenance and wear resistance self-lubricating copper tube which solved original tie bar bushing ‘s problem and improved the lubrication effectiveness.

d, Adopt stainless steel plate for the support and back plate each contacting positions, which will reduce the wear and rust of the mold precision.

2, Hydraulic Pressure System: ( save 6S/cycle)

a, Compared to former design T and A type machine, our new E type machine hydraulic system achieves faster operation for 250mm/speed from 180mm/second.

b, Hydraulic cylinders for the machine frame movement makes the safety locking of the mold during the steaming process and avoid the leakage of the steam.

c, Special hydraulic pressure design: the ejecting cylinder and de-mold cylinder can be running simultaneity, which realize the de-mold gas blowing and product ejection synchronization effectively, reduced running speed and improve de-mold capability

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Automatic thermoforming machine control system requirements1

Boot up. Before the system enters the normal working condition, it is necessary to start the heating system, raise the temperature of the heating box to the set value and keep the temperature constant, so that the plastic sheet can be heated and softened within the predetermined time through the heating box.

Feeding. The function of the feeding member is to draw the sheet which is wound on the drum so that the feed chain rail smoothly grips the sheet and feeds forward. Feeding motor can be through the upper and lower two proximity switches, contactors to achieve automatic start or stop.

Send the film. The function of the feeding part is to send the sheet according to the set speed, length and other parameters to the heating box, forming mold and punching parts to complete the various processing processes. Send the machine for the Yaskawa servo motor, its speed and direction are required to set parameters, and through the PLC to control the start and stop. At the same time, send the film is the first automatic cycle of the work of the first action.


EPS batch pre-expander


Type:                                     SPY-1200

Skein Diameter Size:        1200mm

Foaming density:               12-30kg/m3

Output:                                 120-400Kg/h

Total Power:                       11KW

Machine Size:                     5500×2200×4200mm

Machine weight:                 4600Kg


*Adopting Japanese Omron PLC, color display touch screen, electric weight, automatic charge, photoelectric level limit, automatic temperature control.

*Foam with closed drum and lasting pressure, drum and lasting pressure, high heating efficiency and steam energy saving.

*Adopting international-advanced separator of gas and water, reduce surface moisture content of particle and no easy-block in feeding.

*For the drum, made of stainless steel, never stain after operation.

*Accurate foaming rate, ±0.5g

*Compared with continuous foaming machine, its foamed particle has higher content of vesicant. Product with polished surface and high quality.

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