EPS batch pre-expander


Type:                                     SPY-1200

Skein Diameter Size:        1200mm

Foaming density:               12-30kg/m3

Output:                                 120-400Kg/h

Total Power:                       11KW

Machine Size:                     5500×2200×4200mm

Machine weight:                 4600Kg


*Adopting Japanese Omron PLC, color display touch screen, electric weight, automatic charge, photoelectric level limit, automatic temperature control.

*Foam with closed drum and lasting pressure, drum and lasting pressure, high heating efficiency and steam energy saving.

*Adopting international-advanced separator of gas and water, reduce surface moisture content of particle and no easy-block in feeding.

*For the drum, made of stainless steel, never stain after operation.

*Accurate foaming rate, ±0.5g

*Compared with continuous foaming machine, its foamed particle has higher content of vesicant. Product with polished surface and high quality.

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