EPS Continuous pre-expander machine

EPS Continuous pre-expander machine main structure using steel and rectangular steel welded together, good rigidity. Four guide column for the horizontal layout, the program action by the electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic joint control. Mold chamber with machine-mode separation structure, the machine can be equipped with several sets of different depth of the size of the air chamber, the replacement of the mold can be assembled before the machine to shorten the mold downtime.

The model has the following characteristics: to meet the different process requirements of the clamping force, a larger size, and the use of vacuum drying cooling, efficient pressure feed system, electrical system using programmable logic controller (PLC) Control, each work cycle is divided into more than 20 procedures, each program can be pre-adjusted to set the time to work, and automatically transferred to the next program, with high productivity and adapt to a variety of different process requirements ability.

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