EPS foam Machinery

EPS foam Machinery features:

1. Machine PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, automatic feeding, automatic electronic measurement, automatic control of the barrel temperature and pressure, fluidized bed drying, to ensure automatic machine cycle production.

2. The use of electronic weighing system and photoelectric material level control system, the right to master the amount of foam volume, so that after the foam density uniform, each error is less than 3%.

3. The temperature and steam pressure in the barrel, the use of advanced high-precision pilot valve in Japan to control the pressure to ensure that the pressure relief valve is always constant, holding the hair barrel tube temperature control within 1% , Thus ensuring the consistency of the EPS raw materials issued to prevent EPS raw materials because of poor temperature control and agglomeration.

4. The use of electronic weighing device, automatic screw-type negative pressure feeding to the top of the barrel, combined with the material level switch to achieve automatic feeding, improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

5. The barrel is closed with constant pressure foam, high thermal efficiency, saving steam, than the continuous pre-engine energy conservation more than 50%.

6. The machine is equipped with a vulcanized drying bed system, which is automatically vulcanized and dried by the pre-engine, and the ball is crushed and the fan is automatically transported to the mature silo.

7. The machine used in electrical appliances, pneumatic components, valves, etc. are well-known brands of products at home and abroad, thus ensuring the stability of the operation of the machine, reliability, and long service life.

8. Automatic barrel discharge using high-pressure fan blowing material, greatly accelerating the speed of the material.

9. The computer has a memory function, can often use the EPS raw material manufacturer’s grades, specifications, foam process, all parameters can be recorded in the computer.When you need to use the past used raw materials manufacturers, you only need to press Dynamic computer touch screen can quickly return to the original process up.

10 The machine is suitable for high altitude hypoxia, foam production to play the advantages of pressure foaming machine (in the same environment, continuous production of the machine is very low)

What is EPS ?

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight cellular plastic material consisting of small hollow spherical balls. It is this closed cellular construction that gives EPS its remarkable characteristics. EPS is produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications where the material is used to optimise its performance and strength.

EPS under microscrope EPS under microscrope EPS under microscrope EPS under microscrope
EPS under microscrope EPS under microscrope EPS under microscrope


Batch pre-expander Polystyrene machine

Batch pre-expander

Including stainless steel dryer bed, screw conveyer, sieving device, etc

1.Steam system: Accurate pressure reducer and PID control system (proportional steam valve system) to keep very stable and accurate steam, ensure material variation;

2.Pressure control: Pressure sensor with multi-steam and exhausting system to keep expansion chamber pressure stably, also reduce the steam consumption;

3.Temperature control: Adopts temperature sensor and compressed air proportional valve to keep accurate expansion temperature, which is suitable for high density expansion, less broken beads;

4.Material level control: Keeps accurate weighing scales and vibrated level sensor control, ensure less density tolerance.

5.Weighing filling: Set filling weight in touch screen and electronic weighing filling to realize filling accurate and automatically;

6.Electric control: Adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, electronic parts, valves are famous brand (Schneider touch screen and electronic, Mitsubishi PLC, Germany valves), which control the whole working procedure automatically and stably.

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Frame System1

In the design and manufacture, the framework system is the largest and most complex part.

(1) Rack is the support around the molding machine, connecting parts, including four guide posts and other fixed parts, its steel design and manufacturing accuracy, determines the machine’s life and product accuracy.

(2) mold frame machine mold forming mechanism by the dynamic mode, fixed-mode composition. In general, the dynamic mold frame to install the punch, fixed mold frame to install the die. Punch on the relatively simple, there is no attachment, die on the need to install the material gun and mandrel. There are exhaust valve on the mold frame, behind the three support plate, the support plate should be evenly distributed.

(3) Condenser Products Before vacuum cooling, the steam needs to be cooled by the condenser. Condenser for the tube-type, is an indirect cooling, steam, cooling water is not direct contact, steam walk tube, cooling water jacket. If the steam is cooled by cooling water, it is a direct contact. Condenser is good or bad, affecting the effect of vacuum and cooling speed.

How to maintain the molding machine?

We all know that the construction of the machine is more complex, how to maintain the machine, I believe that many friends should not be very understanding, then, I told you how to maintain into models.

Forming machine maintenance in several ways, the first is the maintenance of the circuit, we usually use the molding machine in the process to always pay attention to the circuit board clean, remember to clean up the strength of the box time dust, try to keep the box dry, So as to avoid damp; the second is the maintenance of oil, the need to regularly check the various parts of the oil circuit there is no oil spill, if any time to deal with, to prevent the piston rod scratches and oil quality deterioration; the third is mechanical maintenance, Check the machine drive parts have no wear, check the butter mouth is not blocked, pay attention to the amount of butter, add butter.

There is also the molding machine hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once a year, to clean up the oil phase of the sludge, clean up the water cooler in time to prevent the rise in oil temperature caused by accelerated aging.


1. The aluminum frame connected by specialized fastenings creates stable performance and precise cutting.

2. Equipped with stepping motor, suits to cut the specially designed figures with requirement of adjustable speeds. The cutting precision can be 0.5mm.

3. Equipped with a piece of 3KW transformer, adjustable power output ranges from 0 to 7V under electrical control.

4. Ability to synchronously cut 20 pieces of identical figures or letters due to 20 heating cords mounted on the cutting frame.

5. Specialized touch screen controller, easy to set parameters; 3B codes of the cutting figures/letters can be input to the controller from the U memory disk, the simple codes of figures can be entered on the touch screen.

6. The cutting process can be showed on the display screen; cutting speed is adjustable (max. 4000mm/min).

7. With function of cutting stroke protection: when exceeds the regulated cutting stroke, the machine can stop running automatically

8. With functions of parameters memory while fail of electricity; reverse cutting and rotating, mirror symmetry; clearance compensation, etc.

Hydraulic Operated Eps Block Moulding Machine

Single side opening for minimal steam leakage

Vacuum blower to get dry product with minimum cycle time

Designed especially for normal & high density

Designed to work with less Electricity, Steam, Air, Water consumption

Ejection with pneumatic system

Separate valves for Steam line, Air line & Water line

*We make machine size upto 8000 mm & keep shrinkage tolerance as per customers requirement


Sr. No.   Model               Size Of Block                 Size of Machine

01          BMH8           8.00 X 1.27 X 0.65M      8030 X 1300 X 650 MM

02          BMH6           6.00 X 1.2 X 0.50M        6030 X 1230 X 530 MM

03          BMH3          3.70 X 1.22 X 0.50M       3730 X 1250 X 530 MM

04          BMH2          2.00 X 1.00 X 0.50M       2030 X 1030 X 530 MM

05          BMH1          1.00 X 1.00 X 0.50M       1030 X 1030 X 530 MM

EPS recycling machine

EPS recycling system consists of Crushing machine, De-duster and Mixer Etc. The crushing machine smashes wasted EPS products or EPS scraps into granule, then through de-duster to sieve and remove the dust. After Sieving and de-dusting, the recycling material is mixed with virgin material According to definite proportion, and to be used in both Shape and Block Molding Machine.

Machine Features:

1,Twin shaft crushing blades, this machine adopts manual feeding, the material will be crushed by the twin shaft blades and conveyed to the barrel of the main machine through the screen.

2,The screw of the main machine can convey the heating the material to melt condition ,then extrude them and hydraulic blade cut them to pieces for easy storage and transportation.

3,The shape of the products can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

Working Principle:

The twin shaft crushing blades are two parallel blades shaft with different rotation direction , each blade shaft has 18 blades and driven by the gear box to crush material that will be conveyed to the barrel through the screen. The material will be sent by the high speed rotary screw to the heating barrel. Then they will be melted under high temperature extruded to expected sharps.

Automatic thermoforming machine control system requirements 3

Stretch. The drawing process is carried out by a simple hydraulic system so that the heated soft sheet forms a more regular shape for easy vacuum forming. The hydraulic system includes a three-phase asynchronous motor, three proximity switches and one on-delay relay.

Forming. The sheet is formed by evacuating the softened sheet by means of a vacuum in the mold to form a desired regular shape on the mold. In this system, the vacuum pump is activated by the solenoid valve.

Pinch feet. Fitting action depends on the processing needs of the product, the same is through the solenoid valve to brake, as a vacuum forming the auxiliary action, is conducive to the formation of regular shape of the product.

Punching. After the mold is processed into the desired shape, the product is cut from the sheet by the punching and shearing process, and then the stack is packed. Similarly, the punching and shearing action is controlled by two servo motors. It is necessary to set the speed, steering and operation time of the motor in the program.

Stacking. The stacking action is done by the servo motor with the photoelectric switch and counter. Stacked lifts to punch out the product according to set the number of stacked up to facilitate the packaging. Before the counter reaches the set count value, the elevator moves according to the stroke set by the program. When the count value is reached, the lift will be pushed according to the setting of the other stroke.

Pull the arm action. The function of the arm mechanism is to send the stacked product to the conveyor chain. The arm motor is a single-phase asynchronous motor whose start and stop is controlled by the proximity switch. When the stacking elevator is pushing out the product, the proximity switch is activated to start the arm motor, and the motor reversal and reset are controlled by the other proximity switches.

Delivery. Transmission is done through the chain rail mechanism, the transmission motor is a single-phase asynchronous motor, by the proximity switch control its action.

Received. The control of the receiving action is similar to that of the feeding part, and it is also judged by the proximity switch whether it is necessary to start and stop the motor so that the scrap can be rolled up. The receiving motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor.