EPS Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Frame System3

(5)Hydraulic, pneumatic devices

The power of the molding machine is divided into hydraulic and pneumatic.

(6) Out of the rack

Product stripping, the need to use the top of the mandrel, the top of a rod connected to the top of the rack, one end contact products, the use of hydraulic cylinders, to promote the product out, and this time, the top of the spring was compressed, Due to the strength of the spring, the ejector is reset.

(7) Safety doors

As the molding machine clamping force is large, the staff once caught in the machine, the consequences could be disastrous, combined with both sides of the machine need to operate, often control the disk side of the operator is not easy to grasp the other side of the operation, it must set the security door, when the security door is open , The machine can not start, even if the movement of the machine, the security door opened, the machine will immediately stop the movement, the body, machinery, products play a protective role. As the machine has a memory function, so re-open the machine, the machine can continue to run by step.

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