Properties of EPS2

(4) Thermal Efficiency
The superior thermal efficiency of EPS makes it ideal for packaging any product that is sensitive to temperature change. Products enclosed in EPS containers can be maintained for long periods at temperature above or below ambient conditions and can be protected from sudden temperature changes that can occur in the transport through different climatic zones. Examples include fresh produce and seafood as well as pharmaceutical and medical products.
(5) Shock Absorption
EPS exhibits excellent shock absorbing characteristics making it the first choice for packaging of a wide range of products including appliances, electronic products, computers and chemicals
(6) Versatility
EPS can be manufactured to almost any shape or size, or it can be easily cut and shaped when required to suit any application. EPS is also produced in a wide range of densities providing a varying range of physical properties. These are matched to the various applications where the material is used to optimise its performance. In addition, EPS is also compatible with a wide variety of materials.
(7) Ease of Use
For building and construction applications, EPS is considered to be one of the easiest materials to install on site. It is normally supplied in sheet form however can also be moulded into shapes or in large blocks.

Classification and Application of Plastic crusher

Plastic crusher in the injection industry, also known as: plastic crusher. Which is divided into three categories:
(A) hard plastic grinder, the machine suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic sheet:
1, ABS, PE, PP board and other plate crushing recovery;
2, for the board material crushing and the design of the rectangular design of the mouth, easy to strip into the slab, improve work efficiency. Optional suction suction fan, storage tank composition of the plate crushing recovery system can be more fully play the recovery efficiency;
3, the use of sealed bearings, so that a long time to maintain a good bearing rotation; knife design is reasonable, the product into a uniform; knife seat heat shrink treatment, beautiful appearance design;

(B) strong plastic grinder:
1, the type of knife structure between the knife knife, between the flat knife, suitable for breaking ordinary sheet, pipe, profiles, sheet metal and packaging materials and other plastic products;
2, general-purpose plastic shredders, sealed bearings, so that the bearing rotation for a long time to maintain good;
3, knife design is reasonable, the use of alloy steel blade, the product into a uniform, knife seat heat shrink treatment, and after a rigorous balance test, shape design nice;

(C) plastic pipe plastic crusher:
1, suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic pipe, such as PE, PVC pipe, silicon tube and other pipe crushing recovery;
2, for the tube material crushing and unique design of the tube-type feed port, easy to strip into the pulverized, improve work efficiency. Optional suction suction fan, storage barrels to form a pipe crushing and recovery system can be more fully play the efficiency of recycling;
3, the use of sealed bearings, the bearing rotation for a long time to maintain good; knife design is reasonable, the product into a uniform; knife seat heat shrink treatment, shape design nice.

EPS automatic vacuum packaging molding machine pipe system

Piping systems Piping systems include: air systems, steam systems, cooling systems. The air system is mainly used for mechanical action and delivery of EPS beads of power source, can also be used as a model of cooling, it is based on the signal control valve action, and by a waterproof electromagnetic control box control. Steam system is used to heat the mold, the piping and cooling piping is the same, piping connected to the bottom of the template in the cavity, so that the mold can not piping, replace the mold is also very convenient. Cooling system cooling medium can first use cooling water, and then cooling water with compressed air, and finally cooled with compressed air. This stage of cooling can be less moisture products. The cooling of the mold can be carried out on the cooling water pipe in the lattice cavity of the fixed template to form a plurality of nozzle joints to form a spray cooling. The cooling of the movable mold can be accomplished by injecting the cooling water into the heated steam chamber, but the residual water of the cooling water and the steam is discharged from the bottom drain valve. Of course, these pipes must be equipped with filters to prevent entry of raw materials and debris.

EPS Foam Recycling Technology Method 2

Another process is to first break the scrap, and then use the auger to the foam pellet forced into the extruder barrel by heating and melting extrusion, pull, cooling, pelletizing into renewable particles, EPS foam plastic machinery Is the most practical.
There is also a process is to first waste EPS foam immersed in a high boiling point mixed solvent to defoamate and become a gel material, and then with the modified resin, additives, multi-stage exhaust extrusion granulation, while condensation Recovery solvent. Granulation of the product is reinforced polystyrene, can produce stationery, toys and a variety of daily necessities and electrical and electronic components. Gels made by the method of gelling, air-dried to the solvent content of 6% ~ l0%, can also be re-used in the manufacture of polystyrene foam plastic products.
Second, the production of lightweight insulation materials Waste foam was crushed, after infrared radiation heating, the volume reduced to 1/20 below; and then mixed with special cement, made of rice candy-like building materials, was identified as non-flammable Building materials. The silhouette of this building material is an average of 60%, for some frequencies of noise suppression can reach more than 90%. This material has now been used as a wall and ceiling for various soundproofing facilities. In addition, EPS broken material can also be made of lightweight blocks, inside and outside the wall of the insulation mortar and light mortar. It is also possible to mix the clay and the EPS crushed material by a certain ratio, the foaming machine is burnt at high temperature, the EPS crushed material is burnt to produce a clay brick with a hollow structure, which has a high strength and excellent Adiabatic performance.
Third, chemical recycling Chemical recycling as a way to reconcile the feasibility of EPS and the environment by the attention of countries, the method is the decomposition of EPS into monomer, compounds, fuels and other reusable ingredients, EPS recovery truly closed-loop process. This method has the following advantages over mechanical recovery: the quality of the chemical raw material produced by the decomposition can be comparable to that of the new material. In addition, it has the potential to deal with the waste, that is, the resource can be realized and the real pollution of the EPS The Consulting 02826240222 Current chemical recovery in the industrial potential of the process is cracking, vaporization, hydrogenation, pyrolysis. Although the chemical recovery from the reaction mechanism is not new, but all into the practical, there are many engineering problems need to be resolved.
Fourth, other recycling technology 1. Manufacture of rust-proof anti-rust paint; 2. Manufacture of multi-functional resin; 3. Manufacture of anti-seepage and leakage agent; 4. Asphalt enhancer.

EPS foam machine system will become mainstream products

EPS foam machine expansion polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation system has outstanding waterproof function Automatic foam machinery and wind pressure, impact resistance and excellent thermal insulation function. Can be useful to deal with the wall of the cracks and leakage of water doubt. With the construction of energy-saving work in-depth development, the system will become the mainstream shopping malls products.
The system technology is simple, easy construction, cost-effective, Europe and the United States developed countries, coastal developed areas are widely used, the vast real estate developers, energy-saving building design and construction units preferred insulation system.

And the foam and cement slurry evenly mixed, the cement foam machine is through the foam plastic foam machine foam system will be full of foam with mechanical means. And then through the cement foam pumping system for cast-in-place construction or mold molding, the natural maintenance of a rich in a number of closed stomatal new lightweight thermal insulation materials. Attributed to the bubble-like insulation material, highlighting the characteristics of the concrete inside the closed foam holes, so that lightweight concrete and insulation insulation.

When the main building planning is completed, EPS expansion polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation is the choice of polystyrene foam EPS mechanical foam board (hereinafter referred to as benzene) as a building insulation materials. Put the benzene board with special adhesive mortar paste the wall as needed. If you need special reinforcement, you can use plastic swollen screws to anchor. And then in the benzene board outside the application of polymer cement mortar, during which pressure into the alkali-coated fiberglass mesh to strengthen the formation of anti-cracking mortar maintenance layer, and finally for the putty and paint the decoration layer.