EPS foam machine system will become mainstream products

EPS foam machine expansion polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation system has outstanding waterproof function Automatic foam machinery and wind pressure, impact resistance and excellent thermal insulation function. Can be useful to deal with the wall of the cracks and leakage of water doubt. With the construction of energy-saving work in-depth development, the system will become the mainstream shopping malls products.
The system technology is simple, easy construction, cost-effective, Europe and the United States developed countries, coastal developed areas are widely used, the vast real estate developers, energy-saving building design and construction units preferred insulation system.

And the foam and cement slurry evenly mixed, the cement foam machine is through the foam plastic foam machine foam system will be full of foam with mechanical means. And then through the cement foam pumping system for cast-in-place construction or mold molding, the natural maintenance of a rich in a number of closed stomatal new lightweight thermal insulation materials. Attributed to the bubble-like insulation material, highlighting the characteristics of the concrete inside the closed foam holes, so that lightweight concrete and insulation insulation.

When the main building planning is completed, EPS expansion polystyrene board thin plaster external wall insulation is the choice of polystyrene foam EPS mechanical foam board (hereinafter referred to as benzene) as a building insulation materials. Put the benzene board with special adhesive mortar paste the wall as needed. If you need special reinforcement, you can use plastic swollen screws to anchor. And then in the benzene board outside the application of polymer cement mortar, during which pressure into the alkali-coated fiberglass mesh to strengthen the formation of anti-cracking mortar maintenance layer, and finally for the putty and paint the decoration layer.

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