EPS automatic vacuum packaging molding machine pipe system

Piping systems Piping systems include: air systems, steam systems, cooling systems. The air system is mainly used for mechanical action and delivery of EPS beads of power source, can also be used as a model of cooling, it is based on the signal control valve action, and by a waterproof electromagnetic control box control. Steam system is used to heat the mold, the piping and cooling piping is the same, piping connected to the bottom of the template in the cavity, so that the mold can not piping, replace the mold is also very convenient. Cooling system cooling medium can first use cooling water, and then cooling water with compressed air, and finally cooled with compressed air. This stage of cooling can be less moisture products. The cooling of the mold can be carried out on the cooling water pipe in the lattice cavity of the fixed template to form a plurality of nozzle joints to form a spray cooling. The cooling of the movable mold can be accomplished by injecting the cooling water into the heated steam chamber, but the residual water of the cooling water and the steam is discharged from the bottom drain valve. Of course, these pipes must be equipped with filters to prevent entry of raw materials and debris.

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