Brief introduction of EPS intermittent pre – foaming machine

Intermittent pre-engine (also known as quantitative pre-generator or pressurized pre-hair machine), mainly used to support the full active packaging machine, after the supply of uniform density without the presence of caking EPS pre-release material to satisfaction Packaging of the finished product production process of the molding conditions. The intermittent pre – engine is divided into vacuum intermittent pre – engine and ordinary intermittent pre – engine. With the specifications of the case is usually more than a series of large volume, feeding, destruction, air-efficient equipment is also a better request.

The preheater barrel is set in front of the oscillation type of the degree of foam induction control, can accurately perceive the rise of the foam particles, so that the density of the pre-beads is more uniform, as long as ± 0.3kg / m3, which is intermittent The type of pre-engine is different from the main features of a series of pre-engine. When the beads are discharged, the internal temperature of the cylinder is changed to a small extent, and the agglomeration of the condensate and the agglomeration of the beads are removed. As a result, the moisture content of the material can be reduced and the thermal power can be reduced. This intermittent pre-engine in the operation from the feeding, heating, discharge, feeding to the air drying process selection of active procedures, conditioning is both convenient and accurate. The advance of the beads from the bottom up, when the arrival of a certain height, the photoelectric tube can be announced by the signal can be discharged, precise action, active, when the foam pressure stabilized, the density is simply consistent, the precise selection of forming conditions important.

Because the active control equipment gradually supporting the machine can be prepared to heat, heated to a certain temperature can be very convenient to enter the active pre-hair, such as problems, can take the initiative to show. Such equipment to participate in the number of beads is very accurate, the machine temperature at any time to show, evenly into the air, and equipped with air purge equipment; other, such equipment with air, damage feeding equipment, but also relatively simple control. Feeding equipment usually with a ventilation filter equipment, powder is not easy to enter the hair machine, less prone to block and agglomeration. On the low foaming agent (longer storage time) of the material beads and lighter pre-beads, but also to achieve a better effect, which is on the decline in capital and material adaptability has advantages. In particular, taking into account the request for environmental protection, some manufacturers have now promoted the use of low foaming agent content of the material (about 3 010), in this case the use of intermittent pre-hair machine, the production of high power.

Automatic packaging machine performance

Automatic packaging machine design advanced, reasonable structure, reliable performance. Automatic packaging machine with double synchronous belt pull, controlled by the cylinder tension, automatic correction, automatic alarm protection, to minimize the loss. Metering device matching, set bag, filling, filling, printing, counting in one. Can be modified according to the material to open and close the way metering device.

Basic features of folding

1, a roll of film in the machine automatically split into two packaging film, while automatic packaging two items, a machine two production capacity, small footprint, provincial and energy saving.

2, touch screen control, simple operation, display intuitive, electrical modular design, digital control.

3, there are three ways to drive: dual-frequency, dual servo, three-axis servo. No mechanical gearbox, stable operation, reliable, low noise, high tracking accuracy.

4, material before and after the position adjustment: automatic or jog button adjustment.

5, the material conveying width adjustment: a handle at the same time adjustable two rows of transmission width.

6, two sets of adjustable bag, you can linkage to adjust its height and width.

7, longitudinal heat sealing wheel in front of a traction guide wheel, traction guide angle can be adjusted during operation

EPS automatic vacuum packaging molding machine feeding system

(1) Hopper

Located at the top of the machine, sub-atmospheric hopper and pressure hopper, each hopper has a material level controller, automatic molding machine in operation, through the material level controller, so that the hopper of the raw material is always maintained at a certain height.

(2) Material gun joint board

There are usually four rows of splicer boards, splitter guns, guns off, feeding air and ejecting four rows. In the general material gun only on the front three rows, it can be located in the top of the box, the bottom or left and right sides, depending on the design of the machine.

(3) Material gun

The variety of guns, specifications a lot, divided into ordinary type and with the top of the two, the general material gun is only with the feeding function, and with the top of the rod-type material gun at the same time with the product when the mold out of the function.

4. Control System

The system is the heart of the machine part of the machine’s instructions issued by it, and some machine programs controlled by the microcontroller, the program control on the panel display and display, the time of each program can be set at any time. Some machines use PLC control, part of the program memory, only through the programmer to adjust, part of the program in the panel or touch screen, can be adjusted by the operator.

What information and equipment does the EPS foam box produce?

Foam is a plastic that has many small plastic pores in the interior of the foam. The foam box is a fully automatic foam machine. It is a box-type container made of foam plastic (long and short plastic). So, what information and equipment does the EPS foam case produce?

What information and equipment does the EPS foam box produce?

If it is steam heating foam, it can be issued with polystyrene, that is, foam beads. If the EPS machine is extruded, use PS particles and butane blowing agent.

The demand for equipment, including EPS pre-hair machine, EPS molding machine and supporting mold, steam boiler (also can buy steam directly), steam storage tank, air compressor, compressed air storage tank, EPS silo (storage pre-hair machine Bubble after the bubble particles and other accessories, such as fans, pipelines, wires and so on.