EPS automatic vacuum packaging molding machine feeding system

(1) Hopper

Located at the top of the machine, sub-atmospheric hopper and pressure hopper, each hopper has a material level controller, automatic molding machine in operation, through the material level controller, so that the hopper of the raw material is always maintained at a certain height.

(2) Material gun joint board

There are usually four rows of splicer boards, splitter guns, guns off, feeding air and ejecting four rows. In the general material gun only on the front three rows, it can be located in the top of the box, the bottom or left and right sides, depending on the design of the machine.

(3) Material gun

The variety of guns, specifications a lot, divided into ordinary type and with the top of the two, the general material gun is only with the feeding function, and with the top of the rod-type material gun at the same time with the product when the mold out of the function.

4. Control System

The system is the heart of the machine part of the machine’s instructions issued by it, and some machine programs controlled by the microcontroller, the program control on the panel display and display, the time of each program can be set at any time. Some machines use PLC control, part of the program memory, only through the programmer to adjust, part of the program in the panel or touch screen, can be adjusted by the operator.

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