Automatic packaging machine performance

Automatic packaging machine design advanced, reasonable structure, reliable performance. Automatic packaging machine with double synchronous belt pull, controlled by the cylinder tension, automatic correction, automatic alarm protection, to minimize the loss. Metering device matching, set bag, filling, filling, printing, counting in one. Can be modified according to the material to open and close the way metering device.

Basic features of folding

1, a roll of film in the machine automatically split into two packaging film, while automatic packaging two items, a machine two production capacity, small footprint, provincial and energy saving.

2, touch screen control, simple operation, display intuitive, electrical modular design, digital control.

3, there are three ways to drive: dual-frequency, dual servo, three-axis servo. No mechanical gearbox, stable operation, reliable, low noise, high tracking accuracy.

4, material before and after the position adjustment: automatic or jog button adjustment.

5, the material conveying width adjustment: a handle at the same time adjustable two rows of transmission width.

6, two sets of adjustable bag, you can linkage to adjust its height and width.

7, longitudinal heat sealing wheel in front of a traction guide wheel, traction guide angle can be adjusted during operation

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