EPS machinery- Layout Of EPS Production Line

Brief Introduction

EPS machinery is manufactured by combining styrene with isobutylene under pressure. When manufacturing EPS products, tiny beads of polystyrene are expanded and consolidated in the process of steam heating and pressure treatment. When heated, the expanding agent enlarges the beads as much as 40 times, after which they are fused by pressure into huge blocks of EPS. These blocks are cured, then cut and shaped to produce a variety of EPS products, bringing lots of benefits to the construction and packing industries.

Layout Of EPS12

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About EPS Shape Molding Machine

EPS Shape Molding Machine

  • 1. With the use of PLC Controller (Programmable Logic Controller) and Touch Screen, the automatic looping process of opening and closing of the moulds, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, mould ejection, and releasing the final product from the machine will be accomplished.
  • 2.The machine can select different feeding processes such as regular feeding, inflating, and vacuum feeding, ensuring high feeding speed and uniformity inside the mould.
  • 3. With advanced hydraulic system, the main and auxiliary cylinders will respectively operate and lock the mould; with the differencial fast device, can improve the speed of moving mould journey to a maximum of about 200mm per second, saving energy comsumption over 40%.
  • 4. The machine uses the Numerical Control Encoder to control the travel distance covered during the opening and locking of the mould, to make sure that sealing remains identical during each feeding, and to ensure that the feeding density is uniform.
  • 5. The machine uses the equilibrium valve to make sure that the steam pressure inside the mould is uniform and the temperature remains the same.
  • 6. The machine‚Äôs vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum storage tank, vacuum cooling tank, and highly efficient water-circulative vacuum pump to ensure fast molding of the product, uniform bonding and low moisture content.
  • 7. The computer system is equipped with memory functions for the production storing and quantity counting.The operator can click on touch screen to look for or self-design molding process parameter of production.
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A Batch pre-expander Expanded polystyrene machine

Including stainless steel dryer bed, screw conveyer, sieving device, etc
Steam system: Accurate pressure reducer and PID control system (proportional steam valve system) to keep very stable and accurate steam, ensure material variation;
Pressure control: Pressure sensor with multi-steam and exhausting system to keep expansion chamber pressure stably, also reduce the steam consumption;
Temperature control: Adopts temperature sensor and compressed air proportional valve to keep accurate expansion temperature, which is suitable for high density expansion, less broken beads;
Material level control: Keeps accurate weighing scales and vibrated level sensor control, ensure less density tolerance.
Weighing filling: Set filling weight in touch screen and electronic weighing filling to realize filling accurate and automatically;
Electric control: Adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, electronic parts, valves are famous brand (Schneider touch screen and electronic, Mitsubishi PLC, Germany valves), which control the whole working procedure automatically and stably.