Foam machinery composition and use of precautions

Foam machinery can be divided into three parts, including foam is the place to create foam, foam machine prices we can put raw materials into this part, let it by high temperature or steam and other methods to heat, so that the material can be turned into foam , Followed by the second most part of the molding. In this section is mainly responsible for shaping the bubble just formed.


The third part is mainly responsible for tailoring materials or EPS equipment is to be dried part, the molded product input, of which the first part is the most important part, because the formation of the main bubble. In the use of foam machinery, there are some precautions that need special attention.

Because of some carelessness may cause irreparable accidents, so when we use special attention to plate forming machine these precautions, it is better to check before using the device screws are tightened, the foam is intact, spare parts Whether the connection is good, and in the inspection must be power off. In the use of foam machinery must be in accordance with the requirements of careful and safe use.

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