Application of EPS block molding machine

Expandable polystyrene foam (EPS) is widely used in construction, roof insulation, decoration, underground moisture barrier, roads, packaging and other fields. Such as the construction of the field of thermal insulation of the wall and foundation, inverted roof, EPS sandwich color plates, steel mesh sandwich panels, architectural modeling. EPS block molding machine is a kind of special equipment for producing insulation products. It is based on expandable polystyrene. After pre-expansion (primary foaming), drying and curing, EPS block molding machine will automatically pre-foam. After the bead material into the mold cavity, and then pass through the steam heating for secondary foaming, thermal fusion molding, and then after exhaust cooling and shaping, the ejector rod will automatically eject the foam plastic products out of the mold. At present, EPS plate machines are usually based on the process requirements of the use of time switch steam valve, due to environmental temperature changes, materials and other reasons, the secondary foaming is often difficult to achieve the best state, resulting in a serious waste of heat, plate products, poor adhesion, The tensile strength does not meet the requirements and other issues

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