EPS Recycling System

Description of EPS recycling system:
Expanded Polystyrene is completely recyclable. While limited end-use markets and economies of scale make recycling in this country a difficult operation, there are a variety of uses recycled EPS can be put to:
1. EPS can be granulated and mixed in with virgin material to make new products – some grades of EPS insulation board and block moulded EPS can incorporate recycled content.
2. EPS granulate can also be used on its own and mixed in with plaster or concrete to make a lightweight building material.
3. Used EPS can be ground and mixed with soil and compost to promote aeration.  Studies confirm that plant growth is enhanced with this aeration.
4. EPS can also be melted and converted to General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) pellets and used to manufacture simple polystyrene products such as coat hangers, video cassette and cd casings, stationery items and plant pots. 

Waster Reduction Options for EPS:
There are four main waste reduction options for EPS packaging:
1. Reduce – refers to the reduction of natural resources used. By optimising pack design, moulders can reduce EPS usage, thus reducing environmental burden and cost.
2. Reuse – EPS packaging can be re-used as multi-trip packaging, e.g. for the internal transport of partially assembled goods. Another simple re-use of the packaging is to grind it and use it as soil conditioner to improve drainage and aeration. EPS seed and pot-holding trays are often re-used in this way at garden centres.
3. Recycle – is the reprocessing of used EPS packaging to make a new material such as hardwood replacement for making garden furniture, slate replacement for roofing tiles and new plastics items such as coat hangers, CD and video cases.
4. Recover – EPS has a very high calorific value, higher than that of coal, and can be safely burnt within energy recovery units, or incinerators, without giving off toxic or environmentally damaging fumes

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