Foaming machine in daily life

Although we do not see the appearance of foaming machines in our daily lives, this does not mean that we do not touch the shadow of any foaming machines. Because of its superior thermal insulation performance and energy-saving performance, it is widely used.

China is the world’s largest refrigerator producer, inseparable from the development of rigid bubble foaming machines; the rapid development of polyurethane foam can not be developed without the development of foaming machines; the transportation of insulating materials; the development of the automotive industry needs to be written in polyurethane materials; even clothing and Daily necessities are inseparable from the derivatives of a foaming machine series.

Our life cannot develop a foaming machines, which is the source of foaming machine industry development.

Foaming machine itself is not a vacuum bubble output, it is introduced in the air blowing agent, dispersed in aqueous solution, liquid-air interface is as large as possible, so that the surfactant foaming agent on the liquid film surface and the surrounding air A double layer is formed in the air bubble. Foaming machine is a device that can make foaming agent and a certain concentration of aqueous solution into foam. It is actually a dispenser. Its essence is to introduce air into the foaming agent aqueous solution. Its core is the introduction of air into the aqueous solution in the best way.

Pre-expander machine is also equivalent to foam making machine. It is a bubble formed by a mixture of blowing agent water and air. Foam concrete is the main body of the foam. The foam molding machine is the key equipment and main engine for producing foam concrete. Without it, there will be no foam concrete.

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