Polyurethane foaming machine troubleshooting and cleaning overview

When the polyurethane foaming machine malfunctions in some parts, the detection point will send a signal, and the flashing momentary fault indication will appear. The program will automatically take corresponding protective measures according to the fault category, such as shutting down, shutting down, and stopping some injection actions. The buzzer alarms for a short time, and the operator takes corresponding measures according to the fault prompt text.

If the fault has been eliminated, pressing the “Clear fault” button will display the displayed text before the fault disappears. No faults will be deleted and the fault will continue to disappear until it is completely eliminated. Remember: When the device has a fault alarm signal, you must not easily press the button “failure”. First, you must find out the fault display problem and analyze the cause according to the information to solve the problem of the polyurethane foam machine.

How to clean polyurethane foam machine?

First, the heating pipe, spraying when the gun pressure is about 500-700psi, under the decompression of the key indicators can also see the ratio of the cylinder piston rod return to the cylinder, has returned to stop decompression. Because there is a certain pressure in the pipeline, the moisture in the air is not easy to enter the pipeline, ensuring that the raw material is not affected by the moist air. This material does not deteriorate and crystallize in the tube. This method is very helpful for the maintenance of the equipment during daily use.

Second, the material pump material: After cleaning the surface of the foaming machine with a vacuum cleaner, and then placed in the host cleaning agent to its sealed protective sleeve, to prevent the reaction of isocyanate group and a small amount of water caused by the slow feed rate, the ratio of Pump cavitation.

Third, machine cleaning: If the construction completion interval and the next construction time is more than 30 days, the entire material system must be thoroughly cleaned, sealed and cleaned.

Fourth, foaming machine equipment ratio cylinder: In the normal operation of the equipment should pay attention to the automatic cleaning system of the cylinder, the cleaning fluid circulation cleaning fluid circulation is normal if there is muddy, crystal phenomenon, if the abnormal circulation needs to check the cleaning fluid pipe plug or check the cylinder Or crystallization phenomenon if turbid liquid circulation; crystallization phenomenon changes.

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