Eps foam machine to pay attention to the key points when foaming

With the rapid development of China’s economy, China’s construction scale will grow rapidly in the next few years, and the demand for building insulation materials is also growing. The polyurethane material has excellent performance, which can maintain the thermal insulation performance of energy-saving building roof and exterior wall, and prevent the insulation layer from leaking. Some architects say that polyurethane insulation materials have good insulation properties outside the outer wall and high strength, which is a very solid polyurethane foam machine. The building insulation market supports the demand for polyurethane foaming machines. Therefore, the foaming machine occupies a high position in the construction industry.

The foaming of the eps foaming machine is a complicated physical and chemical reaction process. Therefore, the polyurethane foaming machine has mastered the key control points after foaming, and the fluctuation of the raw materials, mold preheating temperature and aging time selected for eliminating mechanical failure will also directly affect The quality of the foaming properties of polyurethane foams, such as the slight operation of the foam process, can lead to erroneous vacuoles, so we must understand the point at which the foaming machine is foamed:

First, we need to know polyisocyanates, polyethers, blowing agents, catalysts and foam stabilizers in black and white materials that directly determine the chemical nature of the chemical reaction and polyurethane foam. Choosing a qualified foaming material company is the basic condition for producing qualified polyurethane foam.

Secondly, the raw material liquid and the injection amount should strictly control the ratio of the black substance, and the polyether and cyclopentane are combined. When the total amount of injection is constant, vacuoles may occur when the proportion of carbon black is too large. When the white matter ratio is too large, soft foam will appear. When the proportion of cyclopentane is too large, a foam will appear. When the ratio of black and white material is out of balance, the mixing is uneven and the foam shrinks.


What is a normal EPS

Ordinary EPS insulation materials have an oxygen index of less than 22, which is in the face of open flames, and the more and more prosperous, the combustion performance grade is B3 grade is flammable material. In order to improve the fire performance of EPS, in the ordinary type of EPS resin, adding some flame retardants can greatly improve the oxygen index of EPS. According to the performance of the flame retardant and the amount of addition, the flame retardant EPS is divided into B2 flame retardant EPS and B1 flame retardant EPS. Flame-retardant EPS is a self-extinguishing material, that is, the flame-retardant EPS will also be ignited in the event of an open flame, but will extinguish itself after leaving the fire source. Therefore, the flame retardant EPS is also called self-extinguishing EPS.

EPS automatic air-cooling block molding machine works

During the curing process of the EPS automatic air-cooling block molding machine, the beads are cooled by air, and the foaming agent and water vapor in the pores of the cells are condensed into a liquid, so that a vacuum is formed in the cells. At the same time, air permeates into the interior of the cell through the cell membrane, so that the pressure in the cell is balanced with the external pressure. This will make the beads after the pre-expansion elastic. During the ripening storage process, the foaming agent also diffuses outward at the same time, so the shelf life of the beads after the pre-expansion cannot be too long.
The plastic sheet forming machine includes two stages, steam heating and cooling setting. The pre-cured beads after aging are heated by steam. During the period of about 10 to 50 s, the air does not come out, and after the expansion, the pressure is generated. At this time, the softening of the polymer, the pressure generated by the vaporization of the blowing agent and The sum of the pressures generated by the air in the cells is greater than the external steam pressure, the beads re-expand and expand into the bead gap to form a monolith, forming an EPS foam molded product of the same shape as the mold, cooled by water or air. It can be shaped and finished.