How should the foaming machine be repaired?

If the fault has been eliminated, the EPS automatic foaming machine will press the button with ‘Fail Clear’ and the previously displayed fault text will disappear. The fault that has not been eliminated will continue to be displayed until all faults are eliminated. After disappearing. Remember: When the device sends a fault alarm signal, do not easily press the ‘Fault Clear’ button. First, you need to find out the problem of the fault display, and analyze the cause according to the displayed information, and finally make the polyurethane The problem with the bubbler was solved.

What is EPS?

The EPS board (also known as benzene board) is an abbreviation for expandable polystyrene board. It is made of pre-fabricated, matured, formed, dried and cut. It can be made into foam products of different densities and shapes, and can produce foam sheets of various thicknesses. Widely used in construction, insulation, packaging, refrigeration, daily necessities, industrial casting and other fields. It can also be used to display the production of venues, merchandise cabinets, advertising signs and toys. At present, in order to meet the national building energy-saving requirements, it is mainly applied to external wall insulation, external wall insulation and floor heating. 2, EPS board insulation system is composed of special polymer cement, EPS board, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and facing materials. A new building construction system integrating insulation, waterproof, fireproof and decorative functions. The technology puts the thermal insulation material outside the outer wall of the building, does not occupy the indoor space, and has obvious heat preservation effect, which is convenient for designing the architectural shape.

3. EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material. After heating and foaming, it contains 300–6 million independent closed bubbles per cubic meter of volume, and the volume of contained air is more than 98%. Because of the small thermal conductivity of air, It is enclosed in foam and cannot be convected, so EPS is a material with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Uses: used in building interior and exterior wall insulation, geothermal heating, cold storage, cold storage room, light body room, low temperature box, fresh storage box Product specifications (mm): Size: 1250 × 6000 × 600 1000 × 2000 × 500 Thickness: 0.5-600 Note : According to user requirements, the specifications of various specifications (kg/m3): 15-30 thermal conductivity (W/mh): 0.041 tensile strength (kg/m2): 2.5-3.5 dimensional stability temperature (°C): +70

EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material. After heating and foaming, it contains 300–6 million independent closed bubbles per cubic meter volume, and the internal air volume is 98% or more. Such a structure gives it many characteristics. Since the density can be as low as 10-30kg/m3, EPS is currently the lightest packaging material. Under high load, this material will be bent, and when it is shocked or falls to the ground, it will buffer. The role of anti-shock; at the same time, because the thermal conductivity of air is very small and is enclosed in the foam and can not convect, EPS is a material with excellent thermal insulation performance.
Uses: Widely used in refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, etc., and it is also used as insulation materials in civil engineering.