EPS mold information

EPS / EPP particles have changed from raw materials to molded products and have undergone several phase changes or deformation processes as follows. The processes of 1 and 2 are mainly completed in the pre-launch stage. The main purpose of the foam particles entering the mold is to fix the shape, that is, the so-called steaming or burning. The mold forming stage generally includes mold clamping, feeding, steam thermoforming and cooling. , demoulding several processes.

As a process equipment directly produced in production, the forming mold is designed and produced. The molding die is actually a redesign of the product, and it is necessary to try to meet the shape requirements of the final customer; on the other hand, the molding die also needs to consider the actual production process, and needs convenient production and high production efficiency. The types of foaming raw materials of our company mainly include: EPS and EPP. The materials are different and the molding time is different. Therefore, the wall thickness of the corresponding mold is also different. The thickness of the EPS mold cavity is 8~10mm, and the EPP is 12~15mm. To facilitate heating (uniform arrangement of the air plug) and cooling, the thickness is uniform.

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