Foam Cutting Machine Production

Foam cutting machine production materials:

Platen: 16mm thick, 28cm long and 28cm thick laminate, the surface must be smooth and flat;

Pillar: One iron rod with a length of 26cm and a diameter of 12mm. Each 3cm of the two heads is small to 8mm, and tapping with M8 is about 10mm.

Cantilever: Hard bakelite strips or thick bamboo pieces, 18cm long, punched according to drawing size. (This item needs a little flexibility!)

Terminal: 7mm diameter brass 23mm long, the center hole is 2mm; a car to the diameter of 4mm, a hole out of the m4 hole.

Electric heating wire: take the string steel wire 23cm, first clamped in the small hole of the lower wiring head; then through the upper wiring head, straighten and clamp.

Circuit Switch: A 15A/220V current/voltage specification twist knob switch is mounted on the platen side. (to be charged display)

Foot: Four rubber feet with a diameter of 3cm/thickness of 2cm are installed on the four corners of the platen. (also with wooden blocks)

Power: 50 ~ 100W/220V transformer, output take 3V file. For the sake of safety, the insulation of the transformer is required!

Foam cutting machine making combination connection:

(1) One end of the resistance wire is fixed on the case, the other end is hung on the spring, and the spring is properly opened and fixed on the case.

(2) The two ends of the resistance wire are connected to the two taps of the transformer secondary through the connecting wire.

(3) The resistance wire is lifted up to the required height with the pad at both ends.

(4) The transformer primary is connected to the mains supply via a switch.

Principle: The resistance wire is energized and heated to melt the polypropylene or polystyrene foam board to separate the foam board.

Foam cutting machine making adjustments:

(1) Adjust the length of the resistance wire according to the cutting width.

(2) Adjust resistance wire diameter and spring tension according to cutting width and speed.

(3) Adjust the resistance wire height according to the cutting thickness.

(4) Adjust the secondary voltage according to the diameter and length of the resistance wire.

Foam cutting machine making note:

The heating wire is very hot when it is powered on, and it is best to wear gloves during work to prevent the finger from accidentally touching the heating wire.

The smoothness of the cut surface of the foam is related to the temperature (electricity) of the heating wire and also to the speed of the movement.

Electric heating wire produces poisonous gas when cutting foam. At this point should pay attention to the circulation of air, the cutting site should be close to the exhaust fan.

If the use of 220V power, the insulation of the transformer is very demanding; conditional, the battery can be used in series light bulb power.


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