EPS foam cutting machine introduction

The EPS foam cutter is a computer-controlled machine that can cut any three-dimensional product from extruded and expanded eps (polystyrene) foam. The three-dimensional model is machined by walking in the X and Y directions by means of a computer-controlled actuator (stepper motor) that drives the heating wire. This allows fast and accurate cutting of the foam. The control of the precision allows us to cut almost any shape from a material whose thickness is the same as the thickness of the desired product.

By designing and cutting multiple faces of a product, more complex three-dimensional articles can also be formed. Through the use of a turntable, generally used for profiling, it is also possible to cut out rotating bodies, including spheres. Structure of the EPS Foam Cutting Machine There are 8 micro stepper motors in each of our foam cutters: 4 X-axis, 2 Y-axis, 1 turntable, 1 side bracket, these high-quality motors Guaranteed high accuracy and longevity. EPS foam cutters are light and strong, with amazing cutting accuracy and repeatability. The heating wire/fan box is a place where the heating wire is fixed. When cutting, the micro fan is used to cool the heating wire, and at the same time, a special spring compensates for the elongation of the heating wire after it is heated.