EPS Decorative Line Construction Program

First, construction tools

1. Electric stirrer

2. Angle grinder or straight saw (thick enough to require sawing), ink fountain, steel scissors, scraper, iron, ash bucket, cable, level, etc.

Second, the construction conditions

1. Construction site of the ambient temperature and the basement wall temperature within 24 hours after construction can not be less than 6 ℃, the wind is not greater than 5;

2. Erection of the external tripod, in line with the safe operation with row gate;

3. Clean the installation plane, can not have floating dust, hollowing, protrusions, weathering and other effects of bond strength of the foreign body, the flatness of the requirements to check the level of deviation, the deviation should be less than 5mm.

Third, the construction process

1. To be the construction of the installation wall, window openings and other construction procedures have been completed.

(1) grass-roots clean-up.

Clean up the residual ash on the concrete wall, add on the wall surface, from the drum to eradicate, oil and other debris and plastering hollow parts.

Require paste polystyrene board surface roughness deviation of not more than 4mm, tolerance when the outstanding wall of the polished, the concave parts to make up for leveling (need to find the thickness of more than 6mm when using 1: 3 cement mortar plaster required Find complement thickness of less than 6mm when the use of polymer adhesive mortar to find complement); to ensure that the smoothness of the wall within 4mm, so the yin and yang angle Founder, up and down smooth.

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