What Are The Advantages Of The Tuoqu Foam Molding Machine?

Foam molding machine is now used in the plastic production industry, Tuoqu machinery is a foam machine, foam cutting machine, such as foam machinery manufacturers

1, energy saving: the steam proportional pressure reducing valve technology can be used for precise control, and the steam pressure of the main pipe output is also more stable. Compared with similar equipment, the heating time is reduced by 1/5 and the energy consumption is reduced by 1/3.

2, machinery and construction; the strength of design foam forming machine with high stability and high strength is greatly increased. The template is annealed at high temperature and processed by the CNC machining center, which ensures the accuracy and improves the service life of the equipment.

3, cooling system; this system is very important, the use of high efficiency vacuum system technology, lower energy consumption; large vertical spray vacuum condenser through the cooling water spray, improve the vacuum condensing ratio, effectively protect the vacuum pump; reserve the central vacuum interface.

4, operation control: using OLC control and touch screen operation is very simple. At the same time, self alarm and protection system can also better protect operators.