Operation Principle Of EPS Foam Machine

Foam machinery is a process of foam crushing, plasticizing, stripping and granulation, which is made up of foam crusher, foam granulator and granulator. The foam board machine is a recyclable foam foam particle. Directly distributed, drive hydraulic system, choose the most advanced computer of EPS equipment factory and Taiwan touch-screen control, high degree of automation and convenient operation.

The machine runs smoothly, no inertia after power failure, and stop in time. The active feeder equipment system is equipped with high pressure hopper and active feeding equipment. It can take the initiative to feed machine guideway, gun steel, thread mill EPS machine bed quenching heat treatment, smooth surface, use foam equipment plant long life.

The system uses a variety of heating methods, the use of solid and balance valve system shift method to control the appearance and control valve completion cycle, making the aircraft more economical. The root cause of unstable gas and steam has been dealt with, because the quality of products is not stable and the quality is greatly improved. Steam and cooling water valve, imported parts, safe operation, stable function, foaming machine, one person can operate 2-3 machines. From the rotary table (other types of EPS foam machine foam cutting equipment), the general analysis process can also be reduced to a rotating body, including spheres.

EPS foam, every eight cutting machine foam cutting machine structure and composition of micro stepping motor: X axis, Y axis 2, dial 1, square bracket 1, these high quality foam molding machine 2Amp motor, can ensure high accuracy and long life.